Winter Florals

Summer is over.

In yesterday’s post I swooned with excitement  over the change in weather. By now , it is no secret I have a think for fall and all that comes along with it . Layering, deep color tones, snuggles by the fire and (spiked) hot cocoa.

Yes ….Summer is indeed gone, but that doesn’t mean florals have to go with it. I love a good floral print , this summer I rocked out on florals with light pastels and skin showing fabrics ( see here and here). And it was flirty girly fun, but now it’s time to get a little sophisticated .


Florals for winter are definitely the summer florals sexier more mature sister . Dark tones like navy and deep reds like  merlot give the floral look a serious glow up for the cooler weather. Because of this , browns, tans, and other earthtones ( hello fall boots ) are perfect to pair for a pulled together look.


This Paper Cranes LA  top is so flowy and a little sexy with the layered asymmetrical ruffles and peek a boo front it’s kind of the perfect layering piece. Which is why I had to pull my Ann Taylor jacket out to accent that navy. Florals in fall are an opportunity to play with different moods that you don’t get to do with traditionally light and fun florals of spring and summer.

There are plenty of ways to wear and style florals in the fall, from embroidered jackets to floor length wrap dresses- the options are pretty much limitless. Are you guys into florals in the colder months ? yay or nay? sound off below. 



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