How To Slay Your Boyfriends Shirt 

Simple and effortless style has grown on  me as my personal style has evolved. As a girl who loves her accessories and layering ( hey fall.. I know your around the corner love *wink ) it is interesting to begin to find myself putting together looks that are more stripped down and simple.

Maybe its something about coming into your own as a woman and feeling beautiful in your skin. Or maybe its the desire for comfort and being practical with your wardrobe choices depending on how you feel that day .

We can thank half of this outfit to my boyfriend, whose plaid H&M shirt somehow krept into my closet . I love this shirt. Its a rich red plaid which makes it a stand out piece that still holds a relaxed vibe. This body con dress can easily be swapped out for a pair of boyfriend jeans and white tee shirt for an equally cute look– take your pick of heels or sneakers because those will go too !


Body Con Mini Dress || Lulu’s

Black Boots || Bloomingdales

Plaid Mens Shirt || H&M

Does anyone else love incorporating male fashion into their wardrobe ? What items do you use to create a relaxed and comfortable look ?

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