Bringing In 2017

Put your Christmas tree away and break out the New Year’s stash of champagne !

Everyone is talking about the upcoming year . I don’t think I could be more excited for the year ahead – I have so many new exciting projects and collaborations coming your way in the new year- and I am embracing the new journey of full time entrepreneurship . Life is full of changes and exciting moments and I am sure 2017 will be full of them .

[bctt tweet=”The opportunity to create what you truly want is in front of you. You have to release the past and embrace today . ” username=”marjanialadin”]

With a fresh calendar year at our fingertips it’s all the reason to put on our dancing shoes and celebrate !

Celebrate another year on the earth , celebrate the victories and lessons learned , celebrate the incoming success and happiness , and celebrate way too many cute looks for just one night. In honor of all things shimmery, shiny, and celebratory-  I wanted to share some looks to start your year off on the right foot as you party your way into 2017 .

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