Valentine Day Dress

Love is in the air … and in every store , online catalog, and tv commercial you lay your eyes on for the next couple of weeks. ITS A VALENTINES DAY TAKEOVER !Don’t get me wrong , I love Valentines Day but it is difficult not to get too swept up in the pink and red gift fest that is this holiday .

Aside from all of the cards and candy — although a girl can NEVER have too much chocolate, am I right — V Day does provide us a day to slow down and stop to appreciate the people we love around them . Life gets a little crazy and hectic, I believe it is a nice sentiment to share a little extra love to show others you appreciate them being in your life.

Silk Midi Dress ||    Gloria  Sandals   ||   25″ Gold Necklace Chain  + White Pearl Charm + Letter Charm  || Faux Fur Coat ( Alternate)  ||  Matte Triangle Ear Climber  


 This year, I am looking forward to the best gift of all from my boyfriend. TIME! For two years straight our jobs have had us working in different states , unable to celebrate together. So this year, I am excited to celebrate right with a classic and romantic dinner date at one of my favorite restaurants .

In classic Valentines Day fashion I have been searching for the perfect red dress. Red always makes a statement, even on Valentines Day. Backless and classy with a knot detail on the back — pretty much a V Day Grand Slam of an ensemble from KnowStyle. While debating outfits for the special night this one is at the top of the list. Sexy and beautiful radiates from you from the inside out, and this dress puts me in such a romantic mood to sit and talk over candlelight .

There is nothing like spending time in a room with someone special, not texting or watching tv– just face to face time. Whether you want to share an ‘ I love you’ with your bf/gf  or a ‘ Your the freaking best’  with your best friend, this season has a little something for everyone.


 As the holiday approaches  I challenge you to take time to not only give gifts to the people you love.  Give something intangible but irreplaceable , TIME and LOVE.


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