Use It Or Lose It – Exploring Your Gifts and Talents 

“THIS is waaaay harder than it used to be , it just doesn’t feel the same anymore”
These are the literally words I found myself whining out loud during an extremely frustrating week long writers block I was experiencing. 

  • I was frustrated with myself and my talents. 
  • I felt like I was losing all of my gifts and maybe they were gone. 
  • I was disappointed in myself for not being better at something that once came to me so easily. 
  • I began comparing myself to others and felt even more overwhelmed than before.

I was STUCK and found myself asking – “ Did I waste my gifts- are they gone ?”

A little back story…

I have always been a writer. Before I was in kindergarten I was making up stories and writing poetry; a trait I no doubt inherited from both of my literature loving parents. When I would write, ideas would pour out of me. Writing was easy. And therefore I enjoyed it and continued to do so often. My mom was so supportive she would take me to spoken word poetry events and even helped me get some of my work published. It was great . 

So I had this awesome talent, I had support and an outlet and then … well, life happened. 

Afternoons spent writing poetry were replace with writing papers in college and work. I spent more time being an adult than having the time to explore my gifts. It was never intentional, writing poetry just was not a priority when maintaining grades and paying bills were on the list as well. Even when creating this blog I found my writing to be planned and intentional . 

I missed the days when an idea would come to my mind and I would have to frantically use my mom’s lipstick to write it down on paper before I forgot it . I missed the days of feeling organically inspired.
After a realizing I was grinding my teeth about this — a stress induced, bad habit I am trying to break — I really thought about the power of the gifts and passions that we have . Was the old adage – Use it or lose it true ? And more importantly, was this true for me ?

You have the ability and authority to take ownership of your talents and learn to harness them to their greatest ability

The ‘crap or get off the pot’ – philosophy need not apply here
. Your gifts and talents are yours to share with the world. Sometimes we are unable to grow and explore those gifts, but there is no reason you can’t pick up right where you left off. You are born to fulfill a need in the world, your gifts are tools to help you accomplish this mission. 
Should you choose to accept this mission , here are some things to remember along the way.


  1. Your talents and gifts belong to YOU. No one can steal them, only you have power and authority over these. Feel empowered to harness that to its fullest potential
  2. Your gifts are a muscle. No matter how naturally talented you are, you must exercise your gift to get better . Just like a natural athlete must work out to be competitive and build on their natural ability — you must do the same for your gift. Find ways to practice and explore the fruits of your gifts . 
  3. You can waste time. You may have not lost your gift, but that doesn’t mean you should put off harnessing that power. Every day you delay is a moment that you deny your gifts growth. You may also be unprepared to inspire or help someone with that gift if you are not using it properly. 
  4. You can’t compare . This is the trap that will lead you into a state of depression if you are not careful- STOP COMPARING YOUR JOURNEY TO OTHERS. Everyone gifts and levels of talent manifest in different ways at different times. Focus on you . 

Feel inspired to reconnect to a dormant passion or talent, there is no such thing as too late. Becoming the best you and living authentically involves the exploration and cultivation of your gifts. This is what provides us fulfillment, and provides us a sense of purpose as individuals. Be empowered to discover all the magic that exists within you ,because it is no accident that you possess it .They are meant to better your life and those around you. 

So now you know my story and I would love to hear yours
! In the comments, share a gift or passion that you would like to explore. Has life, responsibility, or circumstance ever limited your ability to cultivate and explore your passions ?


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