#TUF TakeOver : Bonaroo Style Tips

Its #TUFTakeover Friday ! TheUltimateFly.com has been gearing readers up for the ultimate Bonaroo Trip this summer with tips to perfect your festival experience .  and today we partnered up to bring a little festival fashion  your way ! Head over to The Ultimate Fly for more Bonnaroo tips and catch up on the ones you missed !

TIP 1- Just Breathe ! 

Plan to Wear fabrics that breathe when you plan to be outside in the warm weather ! Cotton is a natural material which allows for better air circulation than synthetic fabrics This is crucial to staying cool and looking hot all day long !

Cotton Benefits : Decrease chances of heat stroke , Natural material , light weight fabric to keep you cool .

Don’t forget: Wearing cotton doesn’t have to stop at the staple cotton tee. Check out these style maps for festival fashion Inspo!

TIP 2 : Stay Hydrated!

Bring a water bottle for the day to keep cool and avoid the #thirst ! Cute water bottles are a sleek and chic accessory and necessity when  beating the summer heat during Bonaroo!

TIP 3: Keep It Light

Be prepared and stay hands free the perfect bag to keep belongings safe ! Keep your cash , ID, and that gloss you just CANNOT live without right by your side . Bags that you do not have to carry with your hands are best to decrease chances of placing your bag down and forgetting it or it “walking off without you”. From fun fringe to pretty pastel your look goes to the next level with a complementary bag .

Tip 4: Protect your Eyes

This tip is a big one ! Being outdoors all day ( even when nor looking directly at the sun) can have damaging and straining effects on your eyes. Keep your eyes safe and your look fabulous with the perfect sunglasses .
ALTERNATIVE:  A Hat can also provide protection for your eyes and face from the suns rays .

Comment Below with your favorite festival gear !
Big thanks to The Ultimate Fly for such an awesome Collaboration ! Follow for tips and updates all summer long .

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