Tropic Isle Living :Hibiscus Body Scrub


I am not a huge makeup  junkie as of late. Don’t get me wrong, I love the stuff but ,especially in summer , I am more bare faced than anything. But this is all the more reason I am absolutely obsessed with beauty and skincare products,


Natural healthy and glowing skin is pretty much my number one beauty must have. When you radiate and glow, BA-BY. It makes you float through your day .  Lately, my beauty obsessions are body scrubs, oils and moisturizers. I just want to shine and be soft all summer ( fall and winter) 2017. I mean , what’s a goddess without her glow?  And since I’m pretty sure you all want to shine too , I had to dish on what may be one of my favorite beauty products .


Which is why I am so super excited about the newest addition to my collection from Tropic Isle Living. If you haven’t heard of TIL , let me put you on game. This 25 year old  hair and body product line is made with 100% natural and organic ingredients ( best loved and known for their Jamaican Castor Oil)…..and oh my gosh. Its literally amazing.  I had the pleasure of attending an influencer event hosted by Tropical Isle Living here in Atlanta last month  at The Purple Door Salon and it was amazing. We were treated to hand massage and hair services  using the new line of products and some oh so delicious Jamaican food! It was really nice. We received a few products to test and the  Hibiscus body scrub was one.

THANK GOODNESS! Because I am in love.


First of all, this is the most effective body scrub I think I have ever used. The individual granules in the scrub don’t slide off of your body in the shower and get all watery like most. ( a huge pet peeve and sure way to waste product and money ) . My body felt so smooth after exfoliating  and the best part is that there are natural oils in the formula so  your skin heals with aloe vera while you exfoliate !


Hello, younger brighter glowing skin ,.. I guess that’s a good thing considering my ever growing obsession with off the shoulder tops as of late.

Shop the Tropic Isle Living Jamaican Hibiscus Island Scrub below.


Have you tried Tropic Isle Living products before? Which product is your favorite ?

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