” There’s No Place Like Home”

Home means many things for different  people. Whether it is the white picket fence surrounded home in the suburbs where one spent their childhood, the long busy streets in a city setting where late night kickball and games of tag were played, or even if home exists in the arms of a loved one, the one thing that remains true for all is comfort. The complete feeling of wholeness and serenity that one feels from one thing or place that can not be duplicated or replaced by anything else.

I came home yesterday. As I sat in a plane looking outside my window I felt a giddy excitement come over me as I traveled to the only place that has my heart. New York.  From the window seat of the Non-stop flight to La Guardia airport I looked down with unwaivering certainty of the exact moment I began flying over the great state. The lights from the city sparkled like thousands of stars… a breath taking view…I found myself smiling as if I was meeting a great love all over again.

There is something about the thing that you love that is absolutely intelligible, even  for the most poetic and verbose of us. The feeling that comes over you, as if when u left your home you left a piece of yourself with it. The state of New York calls to me… the diversity of not only its people but the state in itself.  “The city ” as it is affectionately named by New Yorkers , can be  a barage of lights, people, traffic, tourist attractions, and restaurants to some people.  But in the midst of the chaos that can seem to exist in the busyness, I find a life in the city. A place where different people can co-exist so effortlessly and cohesively and yet totally in their own bubbles. The constant movement of the city often matches my mind, and I find peace the in fluidity of the area. Everyone seems to be going somewhere, everyone seems to have a purpose. Rushed steps and careful crowd maneuvering often mark those true New Yorkers in the middle of the seas of sightseeing tourists. Add a pair of head phones and a dash of personal style only born in the bowls of New York  and you cannot miss them.  The culture of the city  is so mixed and rich with different cultures. It seems natural that the New Yorker can identify less with a race and more with the new race… The New Yorker. A special class of citizens, a race of mixed races, cultures, and influences all mixed up into one area and producing a rare breed of people.

But it is not only the life of the city that enthralls me. The great state of New york has such diversity. Every neighborhood has its own culture, you can almost pinpoint where a person is from by their style of dress, accent, and attitude. The beauty of upstate New York is breath taking, a complete flip from the busyness of “the city”. The stars in the sky twinkle like the city from an aerial view.  No other state has more diversity, more range in beauty , and richness in culture than the great state of New York…

So when I am feeling lost I find my mind wandering into memories of my truest love… Knowing truly that

“Theres no place like home

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  1. I see that you truly have been missing home and its great knowing that you got to go back. As i was reading u pulled me into your beauty of New York and how it is one of the most culturally diverse places in the world. Home is truly a place that everyone should be able to describe as a wonderful place in their own vision. There is no place like home 🙂

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