The Power of Purple

Greetings from New Jersey !

I am back in my home state ( NJ) and New York for work and I could not be happier. The majority of my family lives in the northeast and I rarely visit long enough to see everyone in one visit. This time will be different ( yay!)

Does anyone else have that issue when going home?

The weather in NJ was perfect for a little shooting and ….a little purple dress. I am IN LOVE with this dress. Its forever21 and the dark purple color is so romantic but strong and seductive ! It does not hurt that the dress is incredibly soft and comfortable. This is absolutely one of my new ‘confidence pieces’. The special items that make you feel powerful, beautiful, focused… those are your confidence pieces. Fashion is so much more than looking trendy or wearing cute clothes. It is the ability to express who you are as a person and how you feel.

I hope you all enjoy this look , I had so much fun shooting it !

Let me know what you think below

Have a wonderful Wednesday


Dress || Forever21

Necklace ||  I am not sure where the necklace is from but I found a  shop that sells similar styles Here

Privileged For CR Checkered Dress Sandals || Charolette Russe

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