The Perfect Off The Shoulder Top For Summer

Did you ever have a piece of clothing that made you feel like summer. Like you are literally walking out the house as an embodiment of the season? Well my friends, that is exactly how I feel about off the shoulder tops this season. Most recently , this oh so vertsile and sweet number from Charlotte Russe. The off the shoulder trend is a nod to the 80’s and 90’s babies who rocked the look hard the first time – and being a 90’s baby I couldn’t be happier .




You all know I love a versatile piece in my closet and I love pulling out the colors and playing around with color schemes with printed pieces.  Dressingthis top up is as easy as a skirt and heels of your choice  and going casual is just a simple cute in shorts or jeans for a flirty casual look. The bell sleeves give anything you pair this top with a put together and finished look. Which makes it a go to for a quick last minute brunch with the girls or impromptu day or errands or even a surprise date night with your boo.



Printed ,bell sleeve,  and off the shoulder…. soundslike a winning combination for another summer uniform addition.  How do you style off the shoulder tops for the season? Do you go for prints or solids most of the time?



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