The Perfect Classic One Piece SwimSuit 

Can I get an AMEN for pool days !
Confession: I have been such a workaholic this summer and have completely neglected one of my favorite summertime activities , hitting the pool . So when my good friend  (and amazing photographer) invited me over for a pool party/ BBQ on a day I actually had no plans … it seemed like the stars were aligning for the perfect pool day .





I was all excited to jump in the cool water and float around leaving all my todo lists and responsibilities aside … until I realized . I did not invest in one single swimsuit this year .

Not a one single one .

So of course , I wanted to look cute and began rummaging through the previous year’s stash . And lo and behold I found my favorite one piece in a drawer I completely forgot about .

So you know how a little black dress is the staple for any woman’s wardrobe ? Well, let’s just say it’s little sister the little black one piece is a summer must have . Talk about classic , figure flattering , and down right sexy … a black one piece is literally that swimsuit that you will look back on pictures of 20 years from now and still think you look amazing !



The one shoulder detail on this one piece is my favorite . A little collar bone on display while the curves do all the work pulling this look off.

Oh and If you ask me how I know this swimsuit is forever piece ?

Well… Confession #2 .

I have had this same suit for about 7 years and it has looked great under shorts, paired with skirts, and throughout the many weight gains and losses my body has gone through over the years . The best thing about this style is that you can incorporate new trends into the design of a classic swimsuit and be trendy and classic at the same dang time .


Since I have had this forever , I have no idea where I bought it…. but no worries I linked some of my favorites with different trends and styles sure to make a splash at your next pool date this summer … or 3 summers from now ….

Because you know , classic is forever.

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