The One Jacket You Need For Fall

As a self proclaimed jacket hoarder I could probably ramble off a list of jackets you SHOULD have in your fall/winter wardrobe, but the truth is – there is only one that is a no brained and a MUST HAVE for every girl .

No matter what your style is – you need this jacket in your life .

Let’s talk leather jackets . And I don’t discriminate, we can include faux leather , vegan leather , and the like to the conversation . From an aesthetic point of view , there are limitless ways to incorporate a leather jacket into your wardrobe .

Take a simple t-shirt and jeans as a foundation,for example . This is what would be considered a pretty simple look . Throw on a scarf and your favorite leather jacket of choice and watch your basic look turn totally bad ass .

Y’all know , for me , clothes are more than just about looking the part of a confident take charge woman but also FEELING the part . I choose my looks according to what makes me feel powerful, confident , and sophisticated. I love a leather jacket because it is classic enough to pull a look together but has enough attitude to boost up your mood and make you feel like you can take on anything throughout the day.

When you wear clothing , you are really wearing yourself . How you dress is a reflection of how you feel and think about yourself and others .



Authentic Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is a sure fire way to amp up your look, and is considered a worth while investment piece that will last many years if you decide to go for an authentic and quality leather jacket .


Faux Leather

Here is the thing , sometimes you want to buy an investment piece like the jackets linked above, but other times you may be looking for a more cost effective option for more variety in your wardrobe . My jacket is from Forever21 and I have had it for years ! Definitely a piece that gets a lot of wear , but none of the tear. Sometimes we think we are sacrificing quality for the price but you have to consider if it’s worth if for you ! There are lots of super cute affordable options out there .


I am pretty obsessed with a leather jacket and floral fall dress, it just scream good girl with a twist . Mixing dark and moody fabrics like a leather with a sweet pattern like a floral always makes for an interesting mix.  But even on your most minimalistic days , your leather jacket will be the go to as you walk out the house .
What’s your take on the faux leather bs real leather debate ? Which do you prefer ? Sound off in the comments below .

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