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This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a really beautiful and inspiring event. I have recently been  working on getting out more to meet new people and network more

– I can be kind of a workhorse and turn into a hermit if you let me . Does anyone else do this ?—Anyway, back to the major life spoken into me on Saturday.


Saturday marked the 19th luncheon of the Erica’s Table Of 20 series. This intimate event; founded by Ms. Erica Dias, brings 20 of the city’s influencers, entrepreneurs, and professionals together for a glamorous networking and dining experience. The Neiman Marcus private dining experience perfectly complemented the décor boasting of the season’s incoming orangey hues and gem tones.

 With the opportunity to engage with professionals of differing and similar interests alike ;the room was buzzing with chatter as we all socialized and exchanged information. If you don’t go to networking events , DO IT! I promise I meet amazing people every single time and I NEVER regret going.

The opportunity to meet like-minded professionals was coupled with the oh-so inspiring story of the day’s guest speaker, Ashley Jernigan. The accomplished PR and Brand Strategist Professional is not only the sister of series founder Erica but also the co founder of their company, The B Firm PR.

As an awarded and accomplished professional Ashley’s speech was already guaranteed to drop knowledge, but what could have been a short story about success turned into a very touching and transparent conversation about the journey of becoming who you are and creating the life that you want.

Relating to so much of Ashley’s personality and story as a person and womAn that has a desire to create a legacy from her gifts really impacted how I received her message. In every stumble and triumph there was a lesson, something that made her stronger and helped her create this amazing life that she has and will continue to create. After receiving such knowledge I thought it would ONLY be fair to share !


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Know Yourself.

I talk about the importance of self-awareness A LOT. Knowing who you are and what you need or want, is super important. Sometimes it can give you confidence to do things no one else thinks you can do, like Ashley when she juggled a full time job and a graduate program that required a 180+ mile drive three times a week. And made it , on time!

We are all capable of excellence and doing what we want. If there are people who say you cant do something, you have to know yourself and KNOW you can and WILL succeed at what you set out to do. You just have to put the action behind that desire to succeed.

Ashley also showed another important side of knowing yourself—understanding what you as an individual need. If you need rest, if you are feeling depressed or lonely it is okay to feels those things and find a way to deal with them rather them in denial. Taking 1 semester off in college after not feeling connected to her purpose in college was time well spent. It allowed her to reset, get in touch with her self and quickly realign to the path she had set out.



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Be Hungry For Knowledge.


Knowledge truly is power.

If there is an industry you have interest in or a job that you want to have one day but do not currently have the experience – GO OUT AND FIND IT ! Yes – it exists. Join a community group, volunteer, take a master class online, go read books . There are thousands of resources available to those who make a strong effort to use them. Sometimes that requires guts like Erica Dias calling June Ambrose at 15 on her lunch break for a telephone internship – AND GETTING IT.

That opportunity was not posted on a job board. Both Erica and Ashley utilized their the tools and skills they acquired on their own time as leverage when opportunity knocked on their doors.


“ …there was never an excuse to not give me the position..”- Ashley Jernigen.


Don’t give people a reason to tell you no to your dreams. Make yourself an expert in the field. Know your industry in and out and the surrounding industries. Never “just do your job” there is knowledge and skill building around every corner and you would be surprised how those small skills can manifest into something else amazing. Always be prepared as possible when opportunity knocks. And then in the mean time ” Faith It Until You Make It” as Erica’s newest book teaches us all too well with pages of inspiring quotes to get you to the next stage .



Put Forth Your Best

Sometimes we can cut ourselves a little too much slack – being in a position or job that we didn’t plan or don’t like and start to put out subpar work. The once excited contributing member of the team you were has been replaced by someone who does the bare minimum, and unhappily at that.

There is a level of character of self that comes into to play here. Number 1 , the level of the work you put out shouldn’t be decreased because you don’t like doing something or you aren’t at the level you wish to be. Having in pride in YOU and YOUR WORK means doing your best because that’s who you are. Sometimes it sucks and you want to do the minimum, but since when are you a minimum type of person? Don’t let circumstance and situation allow you to muddle your character by putting out work that’s beneath your ability.

Ashley’s dedication to a job (that was really 4 jobs in one) as a receptionist; after running the marketing for the same company due to company restructuring, is inspiring. You have to be a humble and strong person with a strong sense of self to work harder than before.

I think her current success is proof that it pays off.

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Make the Plan, Work the Plan, F- the Plan


So the age old adage make the plan work the plan was Ashley’s motto growing up, but she quickly realized sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. Life will throw things in your direction that will change your plans in good ways if you let it . Like finding love with her now husband but most of all good friend in college and developing that along with a budding career. Love wasn’t the plan, success was and somehow life was able to give her both.

Know that it is important to have a plan and direction for your life. Having an intentional path is excellent because it is easier to get back on track WHEN – yes WHEN — life shakes things up.

Ashley’s story of becoming truly showed how powerful the balance between following your plan and being open to life can be.



A big THANK YOU to Erica Dias for having me and their sponsors  Sprinkles cupcakes and Harbor Mills Candles  for the goodies and sweets ! 

 I so enjoyed meeting everyone.






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