Every day is one in which a person finds a life lesson. A small trinket of knowledge nudged between moments of blistering frustration and sweeping small events of ecstasy  that bring those precious smiles on each and everyone of our faces.

I found that when you may suspect failure, after drudging through the mental and emotional mud  of frustration, ( which I was once told by a very wise man is the feeling one has when they do not know how to get the result they desire) confusion, anger, and sometimes even tears you find your self looking around and find your self at the finish line of your problem and you alone are victorious in your search for an answer.

It seems that when you think it would be best to be alone, that is when you need someone the most. And when it seems hard to walk away from your issues its even harder to stand in the face of your problem and fight… knowledge of self as your shield in battle  and your sword… your unfailing passion.

Your may be shocked at your outcome when you face adversity head-on.

Todays lesson goes as follows:  You may be surprised .

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