Styling Neutral Tones In Winter

It is well documented by now that I am a girl who loves her winter wear .

Sweaters, jackets, boots, hats…. you name it … I love it .

Layering in the winter is  fun and can make for an interesting look but something with added layers comes added bulk , mixing of prints and fabrics, and an overall subtraction of sophistication. In the past, I usually have opted for darker colors in the colder months . Navy’s, blacks and greys filled up my winter wardrobe in previous years. It’s definitely a way to look slimmer despite all the layers .

But this year I was really inspired by the soft tones of white and cream when dressing for winter. Nude and light earth tones have a very sophisticated and pulled together look. In fact, a cream and camel combo or flowy white sweater are some of my favorite go to’s for an easy and stylish look.

I have begun to find a balance in my wardrobe of easy and stylish pieces that take me through my day comfortably. Soft sweaters in cream tones with details can be both comfortable and perfect for work. Or a coat that goes from day to night like a light colored trench .  Building a wardrobe that is flexible and makes you feel good is an important part of going through your day with confidence.


How do you feel about wearing neutral tones in winter? Are you feeling it or do you prefer blacks and darker tones?




Photography by Jamie Berman

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