Striped Wrap Dress

Let’s be clear , its a new year and I’m picking up new habits but its still the same old Marjani.

Well, not old…let’s call it classic .

New Year, Better me . Keep what works and change what doesn’t.

So what’s changing and staying the same for me in 2018?

Well.. I , like pretty much 99% of the world, am back on the healthy eating track after some serious holiday indulgence.

( yeah … I’m blaming it on the holidays)

Changing how I eat is more about small switches and swaps of things I already love rather than sacrificing and suffering through things I hate. More delicious veggie meals, morning smoothies, and loaded salads for lunch …because this girl loves a loaded bowl of greens.

And it doesn’t stop with my eating habits, I am looking to make life more simple and beautiful over all . Better systems that simplify my life making it more fulfilling and enjoyable. I want to take more time doing the things that truly matter and expand my growth and less time on trivial things like what to wear . So this year my wardrobe is getting a simplified and minimalist makeover as well.


Photography by Jamie Berman

I took the opportunity to wear the “High Key” striped wrap dress from Shop Dress Up as a challenge to put together.a look with one or two pieces and feeling good while doing it . I have a deep love for Wrap dresses. The wrap effect is illusory and flattering in way that compliments pretty much any and every body type. And in the spirit of keeping things simple – wearing a dress like this makes getting ready and looking VERY easy. From size 18 -00 and everything in between ( currently a 2/4) I have dealt with MANY physical changes and the stress that comes along with that . Somehow, a good Wrap dress never fails to make a beautiful, classic, and yet simple statement.

I love a simple and pieces that make an ensemble look put together and effortless . Wrap dresses are perfect for an easy grab and go look . I chose my favorite black OTK boots because I literally wear these with everything . I highly recommend at least one in every woman’s closet.

One of the best things about a wrap dress is the versatility of the style. You can choose cotton, denim fabrics for a more casual look or pull out the velvet and satin for a more formal dressy look.

Shop some of my favorite styles below .

Photography by Jami Bermam

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