Saved By The Shorts


The other day it literally felt like 1,000,000° outside. Can anybody relate?

    It seems like it’s getting hotter and hotter and summer has really been giving me a run for my money in this file department this year. Atlanta weather has been a sweltering mix of both hot and humid for the last couple of months. The result of which means less clothing and more skin showing because, seriously, who has time for clothes and sweating?   My motto on most of the days that I don’t have to actually go into work , is that less clothing the better. That means and bring out all the crop tops, baby doll rompers, and short shorts. Legs out , arms out !… I’m down and ready for summer.  

    This “wear nothing if you can get away with that” , solution seems great until you get invited to a casual get together and you realize the Jean shorts you have are a little too short and that shirt you wanted to wear is a little to cropped. At least for potential conversations that could lean towards business during cocktail hour. Trying to find something to wear for a recent get together was one of those dizzying room ruining moments when you feel like you have zero clothes to wear even though you’re sitting in the midst of a giant pile of clothing spread across your room.   This was me the other day. And then the sky opened up and the solution came to me hidden under a pile of work pants. A simple pair of tailored cuffed black shorts became my saving grace. A tailored short with a conservative length is the perfect Recipe for a stylish weather friendly and polished summer look. I seriously didn’t even realize what a gem these were into everything else in my closet was going to make me sweat to death or just leave me uncomfortably dressed for the event. These shorts are perfect for a casual day out with sandals and a simple T-shirt or you can take a page out of my book and parent with a white blouse and heels for more pull together work. Whether you are meeting the parents for the first time hanging out with the girls or just running errands and wanting to look pull together ;A pair of tailored shorts is definitely a closet staple and the answer to your wardrobe qualms.   What is your go to outfit for summer gatherings that you need to be a bit more polished? Do you wear shorts? Where do you find your favorite pairs of tailored and sophisticated shorts?  

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