Red Leather + Pink Velvet





Something about leather ( faux in this case) makes you feel like a badass . Or at least it does for me.

Another look courtesy of the after Christmas Sale at Charlotte Russe I snagged this mini skirt and pink velvet duo for less than $20 …. together . A (faux)  leather skirt is one of those amazing additions in your wardrobe that really jazzes things up .

When I was in highschool I was graced by the thrifting Gods to find a winter green leather pencil skirt. It was perfect. High waisted, with a slit in the front. Man it was EVERYTHING !!! ( sadly… I lost this somehow over the years – heart broken)


I used to pair that thing with blouses, sweaters, polka dots… ERRR – THANG ! It was one of my favorites  – and it started my love affair with the leather look  and its over all versatility. 

 photography by BMR Photography

Loving Leather because…


1- It can stand alone

No matter the color, cut, or it’s pairing – a leather skirt will always be a statement piece .No matter how ornate or classic the additional pieces you choose for your outfit are, the SKIRT is a wow selection.


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2- It goes with EVERYTHING

Grab your basics, grab your sparkles, heck — grab more leather  . Because you practically cant go wrong with anything that you choose. Leather and denim is a really cool look while leather and velvet scream sexy romance.

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You can pair your mini skirt with a white button up and simple sneakers and you’re pretty much nailing it . Then take that same skirt , throw on your favorite pumps , and a textured crop and you’re ready for a girls night on the town .


3 –  Not Just for Skirts.

Leather has a look that just works in pretty much every way possible. I am particularly partial to leather accessories like a choker or book bag .


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4- Brighten It Up


Don’t just stick to black and the darker colors when it comes to this fabric. Yes- biker chic is traditionally a black leather look , but you have so many choices. I love a good pastel !


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