A bright good morning to you all ! It’s a new week how exciting .

I know , I know . Monday’s are the dreaded day of the week . I find a bit of self created motivation to get my days steamrolling helps my momentum throughout the week . So , with each new Sunday I try to examine the ups and downs of the previous week and adjust accordingly on Monday to be a bit better in the coming days.image


I’m no super woman , sometimes I fail miserably …

Sometimes I go above and beyond the goals set for myself .

And sometimes it’s just a wonder I got through the week …

Whatever kind of week life throws at you in the next seven days . Take it in stride , because you can handle it . You have failed and triumphed before and survived both . You can do it again!

My personal goal this week is to write more . Whether that is journaling privately , writing letters to friends, or blogging more . Somehow I need to put pen to paper more often . I have been “a writer” my whole life .. Which basically means I liked to write stories, poems, anything that comes out and is halfway interesting  . It is easy as we get older to get lost in the daily grind of what it means to be “grown up”.

Bills to pay, school to attend, a business to start , a corporate ladder to climb . ..Always something to do .  Somehow the things I used to pour myself into are packed neatly away in the back of my never ending todo list . Something to get back to someday … Right ? Well THIS week is that day … Lol. If you get what I am saying .

I hope some of you will join me this week in reconnecting with something you were once ( or still are ) passionate about . Whether it’s coloring to clear your head or 30 minutes of your favorite hiphop routine from high school , spend some time with you !

What are some things you once loved doing but feel like you don’t have as much time for anymore?

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