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The ushering in of fall has begun , and for me that means picking up more sweaters , knits, and of course my makeup routine. This is the time to play with colors, heavier full faced looks , and beauty trends . What’s more fun than experimenting with your look and accentuating your best features?

Make up is fun , but as I realized very quickly after months of going bare faced and makeup free, that with the addition of makeup comes an increase in breakouts and bumps .

Let me tell you , that does NOT help a girls confidence out when you’re out here trying to slay scenes and take charge in your life . Feeling confident is important – and when it comes to your face , clean refreshed and radiant skin is the perfect base for whatever look you decide to go with that day .

Whether you are showing off your natural beautiful skin or beating your face for the makeup gods, a smooth healthy complexion is the foundation of feeling confident in any beauty look. Which is why I was so excited and( it was pretty much perfect timing ) when I had the opportunity to try out the Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm by Farmacy Beauty .


This is not a brand I was familiar with previously , but when I read about their farm grown botanicals, farmer cultivated products, and scientist activated formulas I was really curious to see how it would affect my sensitive skin.

I tend to get very nervous when trying new products because I get small bumps on my face whenever product is too harsh. Over the past week I have tried the makeup removing balm and have to admit , I was pleasantly surprised with how gentle yet effective the product was.


The packaging of this item is so cute and sophisticated. First of all the bright white packaging with the silver lid makes for a really cute vanity candy which a girls got a love a cute space to do our make up.I also really love the origami influence box that unfolds with all the information about the products what you’re putting on your face and the history of the company. It means a lot to me when products and brands put time and effort into their packaging because the product is it the only thing that you’re buying is a part of your lifestyle and your daily aesthetic .

This bomb also comes with a little scooper that you can use to apply the ball on your face if you don’t want to use your fingers. comes with a little holder that fits right in the Of the ball, which is really great so you don’t lose the stick in your makeup case when your makeup drawer.




The color of this bomb is like a light mint green. When you look at the formula initially it looks like it would kind of go on like a mask. But in actuality the product is a thin almost coconut oil like consistency . It’s is not think which makes for easy removal of your facial products without the irritation.


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Smooth and easy to apply , I applied the balm with the provided stick on my face. I found because of the consistency of the product it was easier to rub in with my fingers helping to lift the makeup and primers off of my skin surface. I did not experience any cooling , tingling, or heating effects with the balm.



Immediately after application I could feel and see my makeup coming off in the areas I always seem to have residue stuck on . For me , the test of a good makeup remover is if I have raccoon eyes after taking off my eye makeup .

You know , the dark circles of smudged mascara and eyeliner that happens when you try to remove them from your eyes. This is one of my biggest pet peeves . In the past the only product that was able to do that for me was coconut oil.  However , I found that I would break out with small bumps due to oiliness  of that product.

Farmacy’s Makeup Melting Balm ,I realize gave me no pimples ,and actually took off all of the makeup that I had on. Not only that, but I felt like my face wasn’t overly greasy and I was able to wash my face with my normal cleansing products without feeling like there was product or residue left over.

Having sensitive skin mean sometimes you can fall in love with the product that day but the next day you wake up with bumps or splotches on your face or you feel irritated and I was happy to report that that is not what happen with this product.



So how do I feel about Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm by Farmacy Beauty?

Two thumbs up ! Definitely A product and a brand  I recommend trying. One of the most alluring characteristics of this brand me are the all natural ingredients cultivated and created by scientist and farmers specifically made to not irritate your skin while cleansing it.  So if you’re looking for a great product to remove your make up at the end of the day easily, I definitely recommend giving this a try.

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