Power Suit

Its Monday !!  Once again that means another amazing week ahead — ah the fresh smell of untapped potential at the beginning of the week.  I am starting off this week feeling extra motivated after a pretty productive weekend. The desire to keep the momentum going is strong today !



  Has anyone else noticed the growing trend of falling in love with Mondays ? The secret to a successful week seems to come down to two things . Attitude and Planning ! Ditch the old  school of thought brought to us by our favorite grouchy cat  and welcome Mondays with vigor and excitement.

Monday is the start of a brand new week – who doesn’t like new things ? .. right –

Sorry Garfield… but the key to a successful week is  approaching it with an attitude of excitement, focus, and of course little optimism. When your creating the life you want , everyday is one to be grateful for!!

In the spirit of having a kick ass week I decided there is NO BETTER way than with my favorite power suit .

The power suit  **Hello 80’s!!** is the clothing equivelent of how I wanted to start my week.

Chic – sophisticated – and its says .” Hey — I’m not to be messed with, Im getting things done!”.  At the height of its claim to fame in the fashion world- women were becoming empowered everywhere from the home, to the office.


The empowered woman’s fashion choices reflected a new type of strength and control they were taking over the types of lives they chose to create.

Elegant Classy and just flat out bad-assy this military inspired evergreen suit is probably something I would wear 3 times a week if I thought no one would notice . In other words I love it .

Oh yeah – not to mention this gorgeous St John suit was a thrift store steal in great condition – and in my size. Yes — someone in heaven was looking out for me that day .

Shopping blessing ( and addiction) aside, I truly love this suit because whether I am meeting clients, pulling clothes, or running errands around town I feel  confident , powerful, and strong .

If you feel it- you exude it- you become it .


Share in the comments what pieces in your wardrobe make you feel powerful ?

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