The Becoming You Podcast is the millennial space for connecting and becoming your best self through personal development and success practices.

In this space we empower and connect to our inner light, purpose, and the endless possibilities that we unlock through healing, growth, and self-love .Through self-mastery and practical methods we will connect to our inner power, get out of our own way, and develop the most important relationship there is, the relationship with yourself. I am your host, Marjani ! I am a speaker, personal development coach and believer in the magic and light that exists in each and everyone one of us and I cant wait to connect with you!

 Each episode is an open  conversation about the topics, tips, and everyday experiences that effect our well being. In an effort to increase and deepen our own understanding and love of self – we take a look at the spaces that intersect science, philosophy, psychology, success strategies, and spirituality to help us each define our own version of who we are becoming.  With these tools and a community of like minded individuals on their own path of self evolution; we inspire one another to grab hold of your inner power and create a life of purpose and joy!

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