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Are you Starting the week off on the right foot? —

Its Tuesday  , and I dont know what your week started off like yesterday or how last week was like for you but I am here to tell you , THIS week can be anything you want it to be. If you are following me on Instagram you may have seen these adorable Keds that I cannot stop wearing everywhere. They have become my go to pair of shoes for errands, casual days , and anytime I need to get things done. While picking out my clothes for the week I noticed the days I really need things moving and shaking , I subconsciously chose a Ked centric look. A comfortable but fashionable look that will help me make the most out of my days while trying to get things done.
I have always been a heels type of girl but lately I find myself grabbing a pair of sneakers more often than not .I absolutely love pairing these with a comfy pair of jeans and an oversized sweater or basic top , like this pink and suit striped shirt from Charlotte Russe . I am looking forward to pairing this with a skirt or dress in the near future for a sport chic look .

Overall inspired by the sub conscious efforts to be more productive and comfortable throughout my day I thought I would share some of my tips for starting your week or day off on the right foot.

Why does your week go wrong before it even begins ?

For many , the reality is – your week is doomed before you begin. There is a method to having a good day/week. And unless you set yourself up for success you may be opening yourself up to unnecessary stress, overwhelm, and decreasing quality of the work you do . Not to mention your overall quality of life.

No matter what day of the week it is , it’s never too late for a fresh start and a step in the right direction . 

3 Reasons Your Week is Going Badly

You Start Already Overwhelmed 

If you aren’t spending time clearing your mind and setting your week up for success with a basic plan for your week , YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG !  The bubble in your head with all the things you need to do this week are jay floating around – and with confusion comes overwhelm . When people get overwhelmed they are more likely to give up on what they are trying to do – or they enter a state of overwhelm paralysis or what is called being “stuck ”

If you have ever said “I don’t even know where to begin” during your day , this may apply to you . 

How to fix it : SORT + PRIORTIZE 

I love to put my life in to categories . My home life , my work life , and my blog/ business life all require different things from me . When I can sort out which goals and todo’s  exist in each area of my life I feel much more calm and in control of my plan . 

It’s like sorting clothes . If you wash you dark and white clothes together , it will end up a mess . But once you sort them into piles you can begin to wash them properly one by one and tackle your goals. 

You’re Being Too Vague 

So you may have a plan , buuuuuut it seems to just be that . A plan . A list of random things to do that you still feel a sense of panic from when you look at it . You have a general sense of the things you want to get done but not real plan of action .  So once again – just like having no plan , having a plan without a process or a strategy can leave you stuck , overwhelmed , and overall unproductive. Which I can say from experience is not a good combination (especially for your self confidence)

How to fix it : GET SPECIFIC 
Knowing what you want to do is good. But knowing when and how is a recipe for productivity and goal achievement . Don’t just make a random list of things to do for the week , have a plan of when/ how you will execeute that goal .
Let’s say you have a project for work or school that will likely take you 5 hours to complete . But you don’t have 5 full hours of free time in one day . 

So what do you do ? 

Well scheduling 2 hours a day for three days of the week may get you closer to your goal without overwhelming yourself by trying to rush for time . Then you can plan out your work in threee sections and gift yourself an extra hour for wiggle room on the last day . 

 Stress can be avoided or decreased with a little planning and prep. Get specific with your plans for the upcoming days ahead with a little planning session. 

You’reNot Balanced

 All work and no play makes you BURN OUT quickly . It’s a great thing to be productive and reach your goals but if you are running on Empty by Wednesday I guarantee you will find yourself falling behind on your goals. It is important to make time for self care , relaxation , and a time to clear your mind . Your mind is a muscle you work all day long , if you don’t care for it , it will start to act wonky on you .  


This may sound weird but I literally schedule my self care . I have a tendancy to overdo it  sometimes and not be balanced in my work/home life (leaning on the work side more – thanks Mario for putting up with me ) So in an effort to change that I downloaded a sleep app that helped set a bedtime and monitor my sleep . I scheduled time in my schedule for journaling , just like I would a meeting . 

In order for self care to be important in your like you have to make it a priority and take steps to take care of yourself . 



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