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As of late , skincare has moved from a low priority to one at the top of my list of self care . When it comes to my skincare regimen I have always been one to stick to basics. A good cleanser and moisturizer usually does the trick. 
What’s important to me in a good skincare system ? Deep Cleansing, Balance , and Moisture . With combination skin, I just want my face to feel good and glow whether I am wearing makeup or not — which is why when Influenster and Ole Henriksen sent me an amazing skincare VoxBox I was very intrigued. 

Like I said , my skincare routine has pretty such stayed standard since college. I found something that worked and I kind of stuck with that. But my skin is changing and I would love to get rid of some of the sheen in my more oily areas around my nose and forehead– and this is my first time trying something new on my face in quite a while . 

Ole Henriksen Balance as Three Step Skincare System for Oily/Combination Skin
Step 1: Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser

You want to start with a clear face , sooo after removing your makeup the OH Balance Cleanser is one product you can literally feel working. With a cool and slightly peppermint tingly sensation you can feel your pores getting cleared out with feeling like your face is being peeled off. I have sensitive skin which is probably why my skincare routine is so simple and this cleanser was not overly harsh . 

Utilizing the natural antiseptic properties in their trademarked Green Fusion Complex , the OH Balance regimen helps absorb the excess oils in our pores that makes your face look and feel greasy instead of glowing . 
Step 2: Balancing Force Oil Control Toner

There is no frontin on this side . I have grasped the purpose of a toner . So I did a little research . The Oil Control Toner helps reduce the look of your pores for a matte and flawless look. And while your pores are over there shrinking …. the oils will be handled as well with the help of active botanicals like Green Tea and Eucalyptus!
Over all this toner felt cooling – I did notice my face brightened up after the mattifying effects of the cleanser. I still wanted to glow so that was nice to see .  
Step 3: Counter Balance Oil Control Hydrator

The formula for the Oil Control Hydrator is light and smooth and definitely a mandatory part of this three part system . Without the Hydrator my face felt clean but a bit tight . It definitely needed some moisture . The cooling and minty scent runs throughout the line and left my face looking more flawless and smelling pretty good . Mario told me multiple times my face smelled good while snuggling . 

I was overall pretty impressed by how matte and poreless my face actually looks after using this set . I think this would be great for days when I am wearing foundation , I tend to have trouble keeping my face on – even with a good primer. Without makeup I was matte all day which was really nice , I noticed a distinct difference in how oily I felt versus usual . 

I tried this products for a full two weeks and found that , as advertised, the Balance line from Ole Henriksen 

  • Controls Oil
  • Mattifies
  • Refines Pores

I did find that the areas of my face that are naturally more dry did need additional moisture and felt a bit dry by the 8/9th day . So to combat tightness I used another moisturizer in those areas in addition to the other steps of Balance Set . Skincare can be tricky , so finding the right combination of products to give you radiant and HEALTHY skin takes some experimentation. But you may be surprised what you find …. like myself. I definitely am a new fan of Ole Henriksen and hope to try some of their other products soon . The brightening formula caught my eye for sure ! 
Ole Henriksen products are available at Sephora or on their website which allows your to shop by skincare goal and/or issue. Have you tried any of the Ole Henriksen products before ?

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Influenster & Ole Henriksen. I received these complimentary products for review and testing purposes. All opinions are my own

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