New Week… New Goal

Electric blue and barbie pink may be one of my new favorite color combos! 



 Seriously, have you seen a more bubbly color duo? I love bright vibrant colors especially in contrast the neutral and muted tone trend we have going on in fashion. I do love the monochrome trend – especially as a minimalist but a little pop never hurt anyone. 

Don’t be afraid of color !




  If you are following along on IG you may have seen this outfit post as a  little homage to Barbie for her 57th birthday . That chick has not aged a day.— Haha.

This by no means is the first time these blue beauties have been featured on the blog ( see Here here or here) and I have no doubt it will not be the last. I feel like a walking disco queen with these babies on — with jeans, a skirt, or walking around my house because I decided to have a one person dance party mid week after a hard day of work.  Defiantly a go to. 

It is of course Monday, and I am starting with my primary goals shaping my week. In an attempt to create a more structured and consistent lifestyle in the various areas of my life, editing my process for getting things done has become URGENT. 


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This my number one goal this week- work on the way I get things done everyday and make it better. 

While adding new things to my schedule and new projects to my plate , it is important to understand that everything will not get done everyday.  By outlining daily and weekly goals I can have a more balanced, less stressful, efficient week.  As a result — higher productivity and increase performance level . 

In my journey of becoming – I want to become a person who can juggle my career , businesses, and personal life both a healthy but productive way . 

Its a new week and the perfect time to write out a goal for the week.

Who/What are you becoming this week ?Marjani

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