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Have you ever had two very different experiences with the same product before?

Because that’s just what happened to me. I am all about keeping it honest with you guys , so I had to share BOTH of my experiences with this product.

Neutrogena was nice enough to send me a few products from their Acne Proofing line to try out and review. Being that I have been on a skincare journey I was super excited because I love Neutrogena and really loved the last package they sent me that changed my GLOW GAME with their Moisture Hydro Boost Line

I was able to give both the Acne Proofing Gel Cleanser and the Exfoliating Scrub a try . 




Truth be told, the first time I tried both of these products, I broke out like crazy. Yikes!  I was pretty disappointed because it ironically is supposed to fight acne. 

Now pause, before you check off your try list, remember I said I had two experiences . So keep reading.


So yes… I broke out . Granted, at the time my skincare routine was having quite the shakeup. I was going from exclusively using black soap and a moisturizer for YEARS to trying a new product or system every week. So I truly believe that contributed to my bumpy experience. My skins is used to the one product life,so i noticed while trying multiple products I was breaking out no matter which is was. So I had to reset my system and give my skin time to adjust to each product .


After a few weeks of stabilizing my skin and figuring out what works, I found in my linen closet and decided to give the Acne Proofing System a second try. The bumps I experienced the first time were tiny and I figured worst case scenario I would be irritated on my cheeks. But I wanted to give the product a fair shot.

I was curious especially because, as I have mentioned many times, my boyfriend Mario tries any skincare product I have laying around. He just likes trying things. So now I try to use his experience as a comparison to my own since I have more sensitive skin than he does. Kind of a 2 for 1 review. Haha.

He was really enjoying the gel cleanser (which I learned by the half empty bottle sitting in the closet), noting his skin felt clean and he didn’t break out. That’s about as clinical as his reviews get lol.  So of course I wanted to see what it would be like for me with a second go around.



Neutrogena Acne Proofing Gel Cleanser

I really like gel cleansers, I like how light they feel on your skin and you can feel the trademark Clear Defend Technology working deep in your pores. Well, at least that’s what I think is working in there. Lol – I am not expert but I do know it felt good to me. There is a soft lather when massaging and is designed to make your skin more resistant to acne over time.

 I can always feel when a  product doesn’t clean my pores all the way and this cleanser does the job well.  After a week of use, I was surprisingly completely sold on it. And , no bumps! yay! What went from a test run ended up being my everyday product. I realized only after continued use, that my previous routine was actually too harsh and my skin felt far more balanced and even with the gel cleanser. I wash my face morning and night with a silicone face scrub tool that I picked up from Walmart.


Neutrogena Acne Proofing Exfoliating Scrub

Little fun fact I learned, most women either under over exfoliate their skin.  It is important to GENTLY remove dead skin and debris from you skin to promote skin health. The scrub is actually quite gentle which prompted me to use it a second time after about 6 days.

When using, remember not to press too hard on your skin which massaging the product around your face. Be gentle. I use this once a week now or when I feel my skin may feel like there is build up. 


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I wanted to give you all both experiences because I really don’t know why I broke out the first time. I have now been using the gel at night for about 1 month straight and the scrub three times within that time so far and I really like the way it feels. I use a very hydrating serum on my face after and this combination give my skin a smooth glowy look which is perfect for showing off bare skin in the summer heat . I opt for no makeup whenever humanly possible.

I also realize, I do not have Acne prone skin. I usually only deal with spot pimples from stress or poor eating. So if you are looking for an acne focused product with a high amount of salicylic acid this product has it but is still gentle enough for everyday usage for more sensitive skin like mine. It’s all about trying things and seeing what works for you and your needs.

So, obviously I was surprisingly pleased with my second and current experience. I would recommend it as a mild cleanser for sensitive skin but maybe if you are trying a lot of different products or your skin is already irritated be cautious and test in on a small are of your skin first to be sure as with any product. One of my favorite things about any product that actually works for my skin is if it is reasonably priced and accessible. at less than $9 for a bottle and available at your local Walmart, Target, or  drug store – it’s an all around win.

So I guess the lesson is, everyone needs a  second chance now and then . Even a facial cleanser.


Has anyone else tried the Acne Proofing Line by Neutrogena


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