Monday Strut

Monday, ah…. the refreshing start to a new week !! Sunday’s are great days for planning your week, revising and aligning your goals , which conveniently can all be done from the comfort of a fluffy couch and oversized sweaters. Perfect for a cozy Sunday in . My Sunday involved a bit of traveling back to Atlanta but the planning for the week remained in place .

Yay me ! Anyone else get a nice feeling when they pushed themselves past your fatigue to get a little more done ? It’s just a little self congratulatory moment . I recommend these for everyone , we all have enough stresses in life . It feels good to boost yourself up.



So I am starting this week with refreshing focus and energy after an awesome and productive stint up north. As much as I will miss the cool winds of fall , here in Atlanta there is still a little summer warmth in the air . I can dig that . A little wrap dress action seemed to be in order to start off a powerful week.

This black and white number is actually an oversized vest pulled over my shoulders and belted like a wrap dress. The stretchy fabric of this wrap makes it a great piece for repurposing in my wardrobe . I love pieces that push me to be a little creative .

What pieces In your closet do you love to wear different ways ?

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  1. Great meeting you at Sweer Auburn Music Fest Saturday. Love your website and look forward to working with you in the near future. Please go to my website and familiarize yourself with it and get back in contact with me as soon as possible. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon

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