If there is one thing I believe with 100% certainty it is that we are all put on this earth ( however you believe we got here ) with a purpose. Our talents , skills, and curiosities all compose the mosaic that makes you uniquely YOU. The greatest gift we can give to ourselves is a life filled with passion and happiness. After all, we only have one life to live. As a result our work can affect the lives of our families, friends, and communities. It is because of this belief that I live by the mantra ‘pursue your passion’. In a sense it is your calling to channel these gifts !


Keeping this mantra in mind led to the creation of this blog. I work in the event marketing industry and as a private style consultant, two industries I have a deep love for. This platform allows me to share my perspective love and experiences with others.

Now…. I will be honest. Starting a fashion blog seems like a no-brainer to a fashion lover. Adding a travel and lifestyle component seemed like natural fit for an avid traveler and admirer of beautiful living, but as I dove a bit deeper it became apparent that my passion and purpose lay within those three words, ‘Pursue Your Passion’ .

I hope, if even to one reader; my journey to creating a well rounded fulfilling life inspires you to do the same. Whether your passions take you to medical school or to an island with your camera and a back pack, your dream is in reach! The clearer you are about what skills and interests are your strengths, the easier it will be to create a life based on those qualities.

I will admit , I struggled with this concept myself at first . I did not know where to begin. Here are some methods I used to understand where my passion resides.


Literally! Day dream , doodle, stand pensively by a tall window with a glass of scotch ( 30 rock reference … lol ) and think about what you want your life to look like on the grand scale. This does not include specific material things but more overall goals. ( ex having a 7 bedroom house vs .home ownership) Do you want to travel ? Experience different cultures? Acquire your Doctorate or start a fashion line ? Maybe start up a tech firm and create ground breaking programming …even be the best video game creator in the world? If you have a passion , a dream, hold on to it. Grow it in your mind. Let it become the background music to your thoughts.



This is my favorite part because I am a huge brain-stormer ( that’s a thing right … lol) !I love a good mind mapping session.

Mind mapping involves utilizing visual thinking by organizing ideas from a central point . Each expanded idea can connect or lead to its own set of ideas , projects, or even questions. It involves a level of visual structure but allows for free thinking that is not necessarily fluid or one idea making it a dynamic ( and my favorite) creative tool.


Others methods include:

Free Writing



Dream/ Vision boards. …try Pinterest for an on the go collection of dream boards that you can add to!


The old adage holds true for passion pursuance… ‘Knowledge is Power’. Research, research, research!! Study your interests and those who are successful in the field. Learn and understand as much as you can so that you can properly access if that is truly the path for you.


Many of us are blessed with friends and family that have insight into pieces of who we are. Parents, mentors, and others can provide advice, ideas, and just a well timed “you can do anything speech “. These are also the building blocks for networking, branding, and establishing credibility and interest in your field. [These are all topics I will expand on in the coming weeks. ]


Once you find your why… you can start to envision your how. Don’t worry about the details yet… just start thinking. Does your passion require schooling ? Maybe you will need to assemble a team to help execute your vision? New equipment or materials you may need on your journey that may need future funding?

Begin to think about what you think your journey will include. These can be long term and short term . Remember success is not a destination it is an on going journey.

Everyday is an opportunity to be a little better than the day before. I believe that one of the secrets to success is understanding that small successes that add up over time make up the grand picture of successful living.

I hope that you will take this journey with me . I wanted to share some shots from my very first photo shoot. I had the opportunity to shoot with JZR Productions in Atlanta GA. Not only did I have a great time and learn a lot about photography ( a key component to a successful blog) but I LOVED the results. This was one of my first, and most fun, steps to creating my dream life .

I would love to hear which of these tips worked for you ! What are some of your passions and interests ?

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