Leather Shorts + Olive Utility Jacket

“Looking for the girls with the big old hoops, that drop it down in daisy dukes “


There is nothing like a good party and a good time. With the Super Bowl ahead of us


But I can’t lie, I am in it food the food and the comradery . I have no particular preference in teams ( except when it comes to college football #HailState) so when it comes time to get dressed for superbowl parties, my wardrobe is severely lacking in the uniform and sports team attire.  


Instead , inspired by some of the modern southern bells I met during my time in college I like to go casual chic. You can choose pieces in your favorite team’s colors  to stay in the superbowl spirit and within your budget.


No need to drop bank on a jersey for one day if that’s not your style  . Instead go grab a cute sweater  in your team’s colors and strap on your favorite boots . I paired this rust colored sweater with a utility jacket.


I think it is impossible to style a utility jacket improperly. They come in every color now a days but I am partial to the classic olive. This fall color and casual jacket helps add a relaxed yet polished addition to any looks.


Wearing jeans and a t-shirt ? Throw on a utility jacket


Maybe a lace dress to a dinner with friends ? Yup goes with that too ( yeah , check it out here)


Oh and even that jersey you MAY actually have , I know some of you all LOVE football! So if you have it , wear it, and pair it with a cute utility jacket.




The best thing about a light utility jacket, like the one I am wearing here ,is a great investment for the entire year, You can pair this with your flannel shirts and sweaters for the fall and winter  or with a tank and jeans in the spring.


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