Lady In A Red Dress


How is it possible that we are tapping on December’s door already ? The holiday season is here and I can tell the tinsel, jingle bells, and ugly christmas sweaters ( that i am not so secretly obsessed with) are just waiting until the Thanksgiving turkey is safely away in our bellies before they pop out and spread holiday cheer everywhere .

I love the holidays- the parties, gift giving, family time. Its infectious and is the time of year that despite the hustle bustle that comes along with ending the year , we can pause to be grateful and appreciative joy, peace, and family. Getting into the holidays early I found my red dress collection calling.

Photography By : Aspen Cierra Photography


What is it about the holidays that brings out the ‘Lady In Red’ attire ? I love a bright red dress during the holiday season. So I took to my closet to give the monochrome trend a holiday try in this curve cuddling red number . I purchased this dress at a shop in the mall that I swear was open for six months so I don’t have a link BUT fear not — I have linked some amazing oh so shoppable red pieces for your holiday wardrobe . Shop just a few of the many ways you can wear red this holiday season .

Lady In Red

For you ladies that are looking to wow the room and really make a statement, these pieces are for you. Shop red one pieces perfect for the holiday season.

A Pop of Red

A subtle approach to red is through accessories and accents. A classic LBD with a bold red lip is an EASY A in the holiday style department.  Don’t forget your feet! – Your shoes can make a statement all on their own – let them do the walking and the talking with the holidays classic statement color.  

Deeper Hues

So bright red aint ya thang , huh ? Don’t sweat – you’re not out of the red game yet . Warm maroons and merlots are perfect options for those looking for a warmer look . I always feel sophisticated and mysterious when I wear a deep merlot color. It’s like slipping on a romantic personality- I encourage exploring the revived velvet trend, it’s such a sexy fabric .

Classic Combinations

So we are clear ,there are TONS of ways to wear red for the holidays . With all the varying shades the combinations are limitless. If you want easy ways to blend it into our wardrobe find colors you are comfortable wearing, like black or white and see how you can pair red with them . Then extend that thought to other colors –  like pink and blue (BTW gem tones go great with deep reds like merlot). You would be surprised how often you see this color paired with others in your daily life . Pull from this inspiration when putting together your looks. Check out this LADY IN RED Pinterest board for more inspiration on ways to wear red.

There are so many great things to look forward to as the holidays creep ( or run) towards us . What do you look forward to most this holiday ? Family time is at the top of my list !


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