Kierre’s BBQ Ribs

When I was in college , my friends and I (like most college students) did not have much money once we ventured off the comforts of on campus living . We would often have big dinners together where everyone contributed to a meal for all of us . By the time everyone would sit down for day we would have a feast of everyone’s speciality dishes and ten people sitting around a room with more people than chairs ! Lol. ** Good times**

Today’s recipe comes from my good college friend Kierre Dawkins ! He is an amazing tattoo and graphic artist with some serious rib making skills. Check out the recipe below to knock the socks off of your guests when hosting your summer BBQ . I promise you won’t be disappointed .

**DISCLAIMER – these ribs are delicious and a messy treat- be sure to provide your guest wet apps after their chow down in BBQ Town **

Getting coal prepared is the first step in any BBQ. Arrange coals in a pyramid formstill, allow coals to burn until nearly gray. Then spread evenly around grill.

Start off by removing the membrane from the bone side of the slab. The easiest way is to slide a knife in between the membrane and the meat, then carefully grab the slippery membrane and remove it from the entire slab

This is necessary to avoid tough ribs. 

Season generously with rib seasoning season of choice, I personally prefer garlic powder, paprika, brown sugar, ground cumin, black pepper. Apply slabs to grill only when coals are ready.

A splash …. or three ….of beer never hurts to put out a flame on the grill.
BBQ Sauce

Put a 32z bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s,

1 cup of brown sugar,

1 tablespoon of grape jelly,

1 sliced lemon,

4 tablespoons of hotsauce,

3/4 cup of water in a medium sized sauce pan big enough for ribs to be added without overflowing.


If using a bigger pot, double ingredients. Put on stove on low heat until ribs are finished, stirring occasionally.

Remove Ribs from the grill when ribs have reach Med-Well temp. Cut up ribs on and place as many that can fit without overflowing. Increase temp of the sauce between medium to medium-high, to maintain a consistent boil. The longer they can boil the better. 20-30min minimum suggested. Remove after boiling, sauce goes great with everything grilled.

Top off your ribs and dig in !


Enjoy this Memorial Day style Inspo ! 

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