Keep Riders Riding

After my trip to Chicago a few months ago I have been secretly swooning over every cropped moto jacket , biker inspired tee, and leather fringed item I see. The biker chic look grew on me quickly after another amazing work trip representing Allstate Insurance at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Rosemont , IL.

Allstate Insurance’ Rider Protection Project( RRP) works to help keep motorcyclists safe on the road through a collection of safety programs and initiatives. These initiatives help promote safe driving and riding practices while increasing awareness of riders on the road. Allstates O.N.E Program within the RRP has help to standardize warning signs in dangerous intersections to look out for riders. They have worked to install these signs in over 30 cities !!

During  the IMS , the chance to win a 2014 Victory Vegas 8 Ball  customized and designed by RIck Fairless  , was open to attendees.. even I wanted one !

As always, each event I work allows me the opportunity to experience something new and exciting. I feel blessed to be able to travel and explore the country. I will admit my motorcycle knowledge is limited, but seeing the convention center lined with different bikes, parts, and three wheelers did make me curious if I had a little biker babe in me.

Daredevil dreams aside, the bikes were beautiful and I has some serious fashion inspiration for the coming fall . So look forward to some biker chic on the blog soon.

** This post is not affiliated, sponsored, or paid for by Allstate Insurance. **

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