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Confession time : I have a MAJOR pet peeve.

I CAN NOT stand being late for things. Even being right on time gives me a mini heart attack. There is a peace and calm that you experience when you have 15- 20 minutes to spare and your already where you need to be – instead of rushing in right on time already half apologizing for just making it .

I love being early. Its my thang.

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As much as I wish this deep desire to be on time made it easy to always do so, it does not. I am not naturally timely or someone who takes only 10 minutes to get ready when going out . I am still guilty of a taking a few minutes too long dancing in the mirror while doing my makeup or wanting to succumb to the snooze button in the morning.


So how do you create a healthy relationship with time and stop being late ?

The key is to learn that time is not your enemy, learn to use time to your advantage and it can be one of the strongest tools in your toolkit.

Beautiful reminders that time is asset; like the modern and sophisticated pieces from the JORD collection; are great ways to improve your dysfunctional relationship with time.The modern and artistic collection of time pieces not only awakened my inner fashionista but really got me thinking about the peace that comes along with mastery of self and your time.





Can we pause for a moment and talk about how amazing this packaging is – two thumbs up for brand consistency – am I right ? The slide top and that sexy wood box packaging – deserves some vanity placement for sure. I love a pretty package . And I have always had a big crush on cool watches – my dad has always had a thing for watches since I was a little girl so I think I have always associated it as a symbol of power, control, and productivity.

The JORD collection is available for both men and women and will likely be making someone’s Christmas list this year. The unique design and colors are a loving and modern reminder to keep time on your side – it doesn’t have to be such an enemy. The Frankie 35 in Dark Sandalwood and Mint is giving me major fall vibes with the mint face – I loved this turquoise color for summer and incorporating it with deeper tones for fall and winter is making me totally swoon. And what is a better motivation to be on time than the moment to give credit to your cool watch .

[bctt tweet=” Time is not your enemy, learn to use time to your advantage and it can be one of the strongest tools in your toolkit. ” username=”marjanialadin”]



-Why is being punctual important ?-


Being Punctual Reveals your character

       Can you keep your word?

       When you show up late to an appointment, work, a meeting – you essentially are breaking an agreement. You agreed to arrive         and/or meet at that time and for whatever reason you did not feel it was important enough to show up on time. Doing what             you say you are going to do ( i.e . showing up on time) is a clear way to establish that you are reliable and dependable.

       Take a moment to think about the person you call when you NEED something.

       Who is the person you call when you need them? That person you call when something is really important is the person that             you can rely on to follow through on their word. The kind of person that will show up when they say they will and complete             things on time – because you know that if they promise you something or give you their word , they will do everything in                 their power to make sure that they follow through.

Whether that means meeting your boss and a potential client to close an important deal or being the designated driver for a friend after a medical procedure.Showing up on time and being punctual is a clear indication that you can be counted on. Control over your time is a reflection of self mastery.


Being Punctual Shows respect for others

Consistently being late to appointments and meetings shows a lack of respect for other peoples time .

Because time is the one thing that you can never get back; it is one of the most disrespectful things to steal from someone else.

Be mindful not to waste others time or your own by creating a timeline and planning to be early.

If you can be aware of how you spend your time you will be able to change and edit how you manage it in the future. Ultimately with a more mindful approach to time you will be more productive and less stressed.

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Improves Your Confidence + Productivity

Being early makes you feel good. Giving your mind and body space between your transit and the interaction you are going to be involved with. Let your mind get into the zone and be focused on the task at hand.

When I get to work early I can set my day up and organize myself without feeling pressured to rush against the clock. Mastering time is really just about awareness and mastery of self.

If you can be aware of how you spend your time you will be able to change and edit how you manage it in the future. Ultimately with a more mindful approach to time you will be more productive and less stressed.


Increase Professional Opportunity

On a professional note – ALWAYS be early. I can not count the MANY opportunities I have stumbled upon just by being early. When you arrive a little early you establish a level of unspoken respect for the matter at hand. It was important enough that you arranged you day to BE SURE you arrived on time.

Being punctual appeals to your managers , colleagues , and clients. If you are wondering how to stand out in your work place – this is one key trick that is sure to work.

Luxury Wood Watch



so…How Can I Actually Be More Punctual ?


Be Proactive

Being punctual doesn’t just happen – you have to do a bit of planning and be proactive with your time to make the most of it .Being early does not have to be an inconvenience if you use your time wisely.

Example – Save 15-20 minutes in the morning by picking out all your outfits for the week ( down to the undies and socks, and your favorite JORD Watch ) on Sunday . Now you can get up at the same time in the morning , not rush, but still have an extra 15-20 minutes to arrive on time

Be Prepared

Preparation with time management comes in many forms. You can prep your clothes like the example above but you can also prepare your self for the unexpected like a traffic jam due to an accident. If you give yourself room to make it on time even if there was a 10 minute delay you save yourself the embarrassment of excuses. Plus , arriving on time even when something happens really makes you feel good about your planning skills and overall productivity.



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Be Persistent

Yes- be persistent. You may be saying – Marjani , I have tried to plan. I have tried to make it on time. But it doesn’t seem to stick.

Trust me , I hear you. Even with wrist candy giving me a daily reminder to make the most of my moments, and the alarms I set to be on time, and EVEN the wiggle room I provide JUUUUUST in case – sometimes I can still be late . And it can feel crappy. But like all things, you have to release the past and keep working towards your goal.

If you want to be punctual it is going to take a bit of practice. Don’t feel discouraged – instead practice mindfulness and remove judgment of being late and observe the situation so you can adjust for next time.

Be Able to Adjust

Being punctual will still require your unique tweaks to your punctuality process for what best makes sense for your life. Be open to changing the ways you try to improve your relationship with time. Its okay if one way doesn’t work and you have to try something else. It is apart of the process

Example :

If you are having trouble getting up in the morning and you have tried 5 different alarms but you sleep through them all , maybe instead of trying a new alarm check out how much sleep your body seems to need and adjust your bed time so that you can get more sleep and wake up on time.

Dont forget

Being late here and there happens. Life happens. Remember that if you have done your due diligence to be early and punctual to be kind to yourself. Be mindful of the situation and don’t be too hard on yourself – learn from it , adjust and be better for next time.


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