Its LIT! — and smells AMAZING!

Spring is coming you all ! I am so excited ! The smell of growing grass and blooming flowers in the air – fresh linens and the light aromas that go along with the changing of the season. I love a home that smells good .

My love for scents in my home run pretty deep, some could argue I’m toeing the line of scent obsession .Haha– hey no judgments . From the cleaning supplies Mario  and I choose to the room sprays we purchase we love inviting and clean scents in the house . I mean , who doesn’t like a home that smells delicious ?

Now that the holidays are over we can start exchanging out all those delicious but  heavier scents of the season like pumpkin spice and cinnamon for few new scents.

My scent preferences favorites  range from fresh linen candles to baby powder room sprays —   but when looking for a scent for two we love scents that make it feel like home . So when I was reached out to about reviewing a new candle line I was more than excited . ( although I must admit , Mario was just as excited if not more – I could barely get good pictures before he wanted to light them !) The Everyscent Candle Company is a handmade candle company with a social cause based out of Mississippi . I fully enjoyed trying out some of their newest scents over the last couple of weeks and we have already used one up because it smells so good !

Let me just say , these candles are powerful . Hand made with 100% soy wax and some pretty intoxicating scent combinations , these candles don’t disappoint ! I put one wax melt in (what is by far my favorite so far – sugar Cookie ) my living room and soon my whole house smelled like I had been baking for hours.

Normally, I have to light a candle In every room for many products I buy , but this one does the trick all by itself . To me there is nothing more relaxing than coming home , lighting a candle , and relaxing. So if you’re looking for a scent booster — this is totally your kind of Candle line .

The wax melts are really amazing and strong as well.

Scent is very powerful and can help improve your mood, decrease anxiety , and even relax your company to make them feel more comfortable in your space .

One of the most amazing things about this company is that 10% of all proceeds are donated to GirlsOnTheRun.Org

So yeah …. Basically . ITS LIT !

The Candle , the scent , the cause , and event the reusable containers they come with ! Check out some of my favorite scents below!

 images provided by Every Scent Candle Company


This post is sponsored by EveryScentCandle Company. Thank you for supporting brands that help keep up and running.

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