How to Be More Focused + Disciplined

Can we speak honestly for a moment ? — I want to talk about goals today and how to increase your focus and discipline to get more done and form new habits .

How many times have you said to yourself that you were going to do something and then somehow or another , it never happened? Seriously, be transparent for a moment with yourself .

How many goals, ideas, projects have you laid out in your mind? Whether it is a body goal, a grades and education goal, building your business, or going after that promotion at work — that you had every intention on accomplishing, you may have even had a basic plan on what you wanted to get done, actually were never actualized.

Probably quite a few. Don’t fret– you are not alone there.




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Earlier this year I was having some issues with my health, I was feeling super sluggish during the day while working my 9-5 and amping up content on my blog at night . I found myself having a lot of difficulty sleeping well, if at all during the night – I was groggy and not as upbeat as usual and over all felt yucky .

This went on for two months while I tried to get more sleep. Needless to say I wanted to do something. Ok , Reconfigured my space. And then adjusted my work load. I made small changes but did not really attempt to do anything that required ME to change in order for my SITUATION to change . So I took stock of my situation


Problem : I could not sleep well at night and it was affecting my mood , energy and workload .

Why : I wanted to change this because I ultimately wanted to focus more energy on my blog after my 9-5 hours and felt I couldn’t do so because I was always exhausted and unfocused.

How To Change : I decided to go about my change in two ways .

  •  1- Increase sleep by creating a structured sleep schedule to make sure I get enough sleep at night. I started using the free app Sleep Cycle which monitors your sleep patterns and graphs them for easy assessment. With that app I was able to set a bedtime and wake up alarm , as well as note my mood in the morning to moderate what actually affects my quality of sleep and the mood I am in the morning.
  • 2- Created a “safe space” for sleeping. I removed the tv from the bedroom for months to allow my brain and body to know that this was a room to sleep in. I would only went in the room to sleep or relax. This sounds like it was easy but for me IT WAS NOT. I completely stopped using my laptop , phone and devices in the bed and made sure that the room was always neat and uncluttered for a clear and peaceful space .

This included getting up day and making sure my bed was made and my room was clean before I left for the work in the morning so that I would come back to a pace I could easily relax and sleep well in .

And it actually worked yall! My sleep schedule improved, my energy increased and I was better able to use the time I outlined in the day to get what I needed done. When you are intentional with creating a process that works , you can form a new habit, delop discipline , and accomplish anything you set out to do. Big or small.

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The latter of the three is our topic of discussion for today.

Self -discipline is one of the most vital tools that you WILL NEED to accomplish your goals. Without it you lose the ability to proactively and consistently create habits that get you closer to actualization of your goals instead of visualization. The act of DOING takes discipline of your mind , choice, and actions.




When we primarily think of someone who is disciplined , we think about the person in our lives that always seems to get things done . Even if they can’t get everything on their list done , they have a plan and always seem to be working it .

So is that all discipline is? Getting things done ?


Being disciplined is a mindset.
Discipline is a required ingredient to accomplishing any goal that you set out to achieve. Especially long term goals like the resolutions you may have made for the start of this year . Developing your ability to be patient, consistent, and diligent during the process .In order to push past moments of adversity, discomfort, insecurity, and struggle your state of mind has to be disciplined towards your accomplishing your ultimate goal. It means more than just setting a schedule ,

You may have no problems creating goals for yourself. It may be easy to say what you desire to do or become and then SAY you will do it, you may even start your task with vigor and enthusiasm…but then slowly you become less consistent, less motivated, more complacent — and all of the sudden all the passion and focus you once possessed has slipped away .

Does this sounds like you ? Sometimes overwhelmed with the process of DOING and COMPLETING something that you set out to do ?

TRUTH TIME : The reason you aren’t doing what you set out to — You lack discipline.

Without a mindset that can proactively and actively focus on consistent action towards growth and your goals, you are much more likely to be stagnant and eventually move backwards from your dreams rather than towards them .





We have established that being disciplined helps you get more done and accomplish more… great — but really what is the big deal with discipline right ?

I’m sure you’re thinking, well yeah I may need to be disciplined for school or work but not regular life…

OH my dear, THIS is where you are so wrong! Any area of your life that you wish to improve , better, or grow in will require and test your desire, will, and overall self discipline.

If we take a look at my bed making example above, you can see I had a simple issue . I wanted to FEEL better when I woke up in the morning. My motivation was that I wanted to be able to have more energy to put into my business throughout the day. So I made 3 small adjustments that tested my desire many many times- because sometimes it was easier to not do what I said I was going to do. Sometimes it required me to go to bed before my boyfriend was ready , and that sucked- so on those nights I had to made an intentional choice to commit to the goal I set for myself to get better sleep. There were a few nights, I slipped up but I tired to get back on track and encourage myself to stick to my schedules, alarms, and regiment .

P.S. – Implementing a few changes in my environment and schedule dramatically changed how I felt in the morning and throughout the day .









What is it that you are trying to accomplish or do ? Be clear and honest with yourself about your goal . Do not try to set expectation based on other people’s expectations and ideas , but your own. YOU set your goals and YOU will be accountable if you accomplish them or not. Don’t let anyone bully you into goals you don’t truly have . Take some time to write out your goals, writing things down creates energy that can manifest into action

Setting goals for others, or without genuine commitment to the process can have an adverse effect on your self esteem and self discipline development and achievement .



When someone creates a goal for their life , it is generally because of one of two things.

A current lack or area of discomfort in their life ( ex. Having a goal to get a better job may be inspired by lack of fulfillment experienced in the current position)
A desire to expand grow or better an area of their life.

Needless to say goals are motivated by a desire to live and experience a better life. We don’t create images of what we desire our life to be if we think our lives are perfect . It seems like it would be simple to pinpoint your true motivation behind an individual goal but that’s not always the case.

Pinpointing the reason and driving force or your “WHY” is a KEY component to discipline . With an understanding of why you are pushing past your discomfort, doing extra work, and persevering when you feel like giving up ; you are more likely to stay focused and motivated .

On the journey to be the best version of yourself possible, it is more important to understand WHY you are becoming who you are then to just let life happen to you and mold you without a sense of control or direction.

Establishing your “why” adds a depth to your clarity that makes success clear and within reach.





You have your goal defined.
You know why you are motivated to do it .
Awesome sauce — you’re ready to go ! —-

Well okay not quite.

BECOMING disciplined and shifting your mindset doesn’t just flip on like a switch now that you have a goal written down and you’re feeling excitement . Trust me — in the past, many of my goals ( including creating this blog ) were just words on page a page — because I didn’t make myself accountable and responsible for REALLY getting it done.

Accountability comes in many forms and depending on your personality, your goal, and how disciplined you are will depend on what methods you will need to use to stay focused and accomplish your goal.

You can set alarms, tell a friend about a plan and a deadline ( the accountability partner), you can do a challenge with a group, you can log and track your daily progress of a daily task. THERE Are ZILLION WAYS TO MAKE YOURSELF ACCOUNTABLE FOR SUCCEEDING. Choose one.

Throw out your excuses and start being proactive about the success you want. Create fail safes like alarms that wake you up early enough to do that extra workout in the morning, or set a reminder at night to pack your lunch or meal plan on sundays so you spend less on your college campus .

If you have a goal , you have to get serious about getting it done. No one is going to make sure you’re successful in the things you set out to do in life, You have to do it for yourself.



My inspiration kryptonite is a good podcast or scope. When I have a goal or a habit I am trying to form I literally drown myself in motivation, facts, and inspirational figures to remind myself of my ‘why’ and keep me going. There will be times when you are just OVER IT – when you don’t care about your dream six pack any more and you just want to eat a whole box of donuts – or you just want to go to sleep instead of staying up to study for that big test or project the next day –

In those moments, what motivates you to keep going ? Is is a person, an affirmation, a picture of yourself ( past or the future image of yourself) ? Whatever it may be for you- keep yourself surround by that energy .

Put so much inspiration around you that its IMPOSSIBLE for you to quit on your dreams.



Dont quit — dont quit– dont quit…
When things are not going your way, or not moving fast enough — do you quit? Do you let your insecurities and doubts take over and discourage you ?

Patience is a virtue.

Forming a habit, staying focused , and accomplishing a goal is a process, it is something that takes time. During that time there will be moments that are harder and more frustrating than others. This is where many people quit.

Trust the process, all great things take time. Even if you are having trouble being consistent, keep trying . Don not give up . You CAN do anything you set your mind to but you have to develop and nurture that disciplined mindset .





If you stumble and if you fall IT IS OKAY. Dont spend time beating yourself up over that slice of cake you ate when it wasn’t cheat day . Just recollect , do any extra work out , and set up a new method to prevent that from happening again.

Live Learn and Move on.

Don’t wallow in your guilt / Take ownership of the slip.. It’s okay it happens. If everyone was perfect we wouldn’t need to develop the skill of discipline. Developing discipline in not a recipe to be an internal bully to yourself or start speaking negatively to yourself. It is a process of pushing yourself to reach your potential and actually achieve the things you know you can do.

In all things, remember you have great power. You are capable to achieving the things you desire, you can be stronger , smarter, faster, better all while loving yourself with the tools of self discipline



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