How To Live A Happier Life

Have you ever wanted to just quit life ? I’m serious – I’m talkin’ , throw in the towel , take your next paycheck – find an island and beach bum it for a while kind of quit. Good bye responsibilities , deadlines , anxiety , stress!!  — hellllllllloo happiness , right ?

Not necessarily!  

Stressful times can get real – man oh man  , 2016 taught me my fair share about unexpected adversity in every area of my life . Like me , 2016 was a bumpy year for some of you. Trust me – my year has plenty of  “What the duck sauce moments — like seriously wtf?!”

Sometimes life can FEEL like life is closing in around us , that we feel more sadness, stress , and overwhelm then joy and fulfillment . Happiness may feel far away at times but the truth is it is closer than you may think .

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Give yourself permission to be happy … for real !  The reality is — we all say we want to be happy; and to an extent it’s true . We all desire a level of happiness and a feeling of purpose . I know that feeling…. the feeling of being ready to be happy.

Here is a secret —

Many times the only thing between you and your happiness , is you . Yup — it’s you . Sorry — its okay … It was me too !  Although you desire happiness, right now you are allowing other things to take priority to you doing what you need to do to have the life you want .Letting go of pressure from others , the desire to please family and society , fear and other blockers to success will unlock a freedom and lift the weight  unhappy living comes with .

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If you want to be happy you have to shift your mindset towards happy living and  follow through with action . You can’t do the same thing  and expect different results . Changing your perspective and therefore your overall quality of life starts with simple actionable steps that you can practice daily .

Listen and Observe Yourself

Do you know what actually makes you happy ? The things and people that contribute to your good mood ? In order to create a life of happiness you will need to start by detaching from the ideas of what other people tell you your life should be , and listen to what truly makes your heart soar .In order to do this you must take time to observe yourself and your thoughts to get to know yourself better .

Awareness is the gift of meeting and accepting ourselves while opening the doors to self mastery and success.

Practice getting to know yourself more . Note how your mood is affected by things in your life and ask yourself why you think they may have this effect .


Journaling is a great way to have a talk with yourself . Exploring self awareness and learning more about yourself can provide great clarity for your life . The simple act of writing down how you feel after an event can gift clarity where there was confusion and calm where there was emotional distress .  I love my leather journal from Barnes and Noble ( I have gone through 2 already and getting ready to search for my next one ) I also collect notebooks for other brainstorming . I get some of my best ideas while journaling about having issues coming up with ideas — oh the irony .

Creating a safe space for yourself to be yourself , with yourself is important .

Your journal is your guide to awareness of self and loving that self. and you can always go back and revisit past entries to reflect.

Release Judgement

One of the key reasons people rob themselves of the lives they desire is because they are trying to live up to other people’s expectations or opinions of their lives .

Your life belongs to you , you are created for a special purpose . Don’t let anyone rob you of fulfilling that purpose.

As you strengthen your sense of self awareness through observation , remember to watch yourself without being critical . When making an effort to listen to and learn yourself without the influence of others , it’s easy to replace the real voices of other people’s opinions with our own judgement all third self consistently criticizing , analyzing and , and judging every little thing we do . This is the voice that whispers your insecurities or says “what will  they think if I…”.

Tell that lady in your brain to take a seat – all the negativity , judgement . Girl bye. Block it . Let yourself observe and learn about yourself as if you are watching a movie about two people you don’t know . It’s easier to identify your feelings , habits , and thoughts this way . Utilizing the practices of mindfulness will help unlock happiness and confidence of self .  Mindfulness also teaches us how to increase your happiness with the appreciation of  the present moment by releasing judgement of the past and future .





Pump Up the Positivity

Take the bad out , and out good in . Just like our physical and mental beings – our emotional and spiritual beings needs to be fed to stay healthy . And often !

Affirmation is an amazing tool for improving your happiness . It is important to spread positivity and love to others but it is just as important to do it to ourselves . Remind yourself that you are talented , driven , capable of anything , and fabulous ! Surround yourself with positivity quotes .Listen to podcasts in the morning . There are countless opportunities in a  sinlge day to improve how you feel about yourself and your life . Take advantage of the resources around you to do so . YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY.

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Make It A Priority

This one is  the kicker —

We all say we want to be happy . But when push comes to shove , our happiness ends up always slipping to the bottom of the todo list . It’s time to start prioritizing JOY . Wellness is at the top of the list in 2017 !

Stop delaying making moves towards your dreams . Stop waiting for the perfect moment . The perfect moment is right now . Detach from toxicity and negativity and walk into a calm and happy lifestyle

It doesn’t matter if the goal you hope you achieve is a long term goal and it takes you 1, 3  or 30 years – working on it will bring you joy if you work on it . It will bring you peace as you do what you love . And since you only get one life – and your joy is wrapped up in your passions – you should probably start living and enjoying it– ASAP !

Your happiness is important and it matters , stop putting it on the back burner!

So put away your towels ( you know , the one you were ready to throw in at the start of this ) and take a breath. Your life and your happiness is all in your control . You CAN be happy  , you have to choose it , live it and want it.

You deserve to becoming you and be happy while doing it .

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