How to Avoid BurnOut 



I’ve got ….


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Accountability Groups



Time Blocks



When it comes to getting things done. If there is a system or a process for being more efficient , you better believe I am probably going to try it . There are some people that are just plain ole obsessed with getting things done. Whose has more ideas pop into their head than there are hours in a day . The kind of person that always has their hands in something.


You know, the workaholic. Although if you ask them… they probably don’t associate with the term. I myself have had more than one occasion where my intent to be productive and my over all physical and mental energy were not on the same level.




If you are anything like me you may not know when you STOP working .



Self care is an essential part of success. You can’t ride the car until the wheels fall off and expect to get as far as you would if you took regular care of it .the same concept applies to your self . Allowing yourself the ability to relax and disconnect from your goals and things to do is important. Not only for your physical self but also for your mental health . 

Self care is an investment in oneself. It is the preservation of your strongest and most important success tools. Your body and mind.


Mindfulness requires us to live presently without judgement
. Can you exist in a moment that doesn’t involve your goals or work and not feel guilty or self judged for doing so?This is an impediment many self starters are afflicted with. If you are a perfectionist or a ‘workaholic’ you may find yourself feeling guilty when you aren’t working .


Taking time to rest and reset your mind and energy is not a distraction from your success if it is intentional
. It is actually an investment of your energy and time into well being of your mind and body , which ultimately are the vessels in which you will travel towards your goals.


It’s okay not to be ON , all the time . Taking time for oneself ultimately has a plethora of benefits that both affect your personal development and your professional success.

Improve self confidence

Create a work life balance

Get more rest

Improve brain function

Benefits physical health

Boosts creativity

Helps to cultivate stronger relationships with those around us

Excel in professional space while occupying it

Decrease stress

Love oneself more

Strengthen self awareness

Increase overall happiness and quality of life


Self care doesn’t have to be difficult
. It is just the intentional use of your time to disconnect to the stressors of your life and reconnect to the present moment with mindfulness. It is what brings us back to zero and makes us feel like ourselves again.



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