Hello world!

So here I am beginning my journey as a blogger. For anyone out there in the blogosphere reading the daily ramblings of a college student, I welcome you in to the roller coaster of emotions, topsy turvy universe that is my life.

Today, in the midst of an ever increasing pile of homework, overbearing parental expectations, and  the daily search and discovery of ones self ; I found my self searching for refuge. My own lies in baking. The calming sound  of the blender whirring softly as it mixes cake batter… the beauty of a buttercream icing come to its full fluffy form as you whisk its ingredients together… the sweet smell of baked goods at the precise moment of baked perfection, what a feeling.  But as the day progressed the only ingredients I found myself putting together  were the ones to complete trigonometric equations….

The recipe of my life needs a new ingredient… Fun.

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  1. Lol…use your knowledge of numbers to create the most perfect cupcakes. You know the one that has the eprfect ratio of everything. I would tell you what it is but you know i don’t really bake, nor do i even really like baked goods. lol.

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