Golden Yellow + Summer Knit

* British accent* Jumper love!!

In England, one of my favorite wardrobe staples ; the sweater, is affectionately named “the jumper”. How adorable is that?


 Despite its simplicity, I am experiencing somewhat of a serious style “out of the box” moment with this outfit. The concept of wearing heels to finish off pretty much any outfit seems second nature to me now. My love affair with the high heel dates back to daily the echoing “click clack” of my own shoes down the hallways of my high school. And now here I am … in sneakers. Who would have thought?


 Personal style evolution is awesome!! I even opted for minimal jewelry! …Although I love a good statement necklace, these two single gold rope chains were the perfect simple addition to this layered look.

Soooo…Hello Converses and casual chic. I paired this cozy summer knit from Forever21 with a  golden yellow body con dress. I love the polished contrast of the grey and yellow (… a color seldom featured in my closet) It feels nice to step out of your comfort zone in your fashion choices and feel confident in the look. This outfit was perfect while running errands in town. I am back in Atlanta for a few days for work and snapped these shots while visiting a friend. Looking forward to being back on the road soon.

This week I have been reflecting on ways to push my self to try new trends, shapes, textures, and colors in my wardrobe that I may not have otherwise considered.

Have you tried any trends or new looks? What trends did you love and hate?

Outfit Details:

Yellow Stretch-Knit Bodycon Dress  || Forever21

Chuck Taylor Classic Colors || Converse

Knit Sweater || H&M  [simular here]

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