Fragrances of Wine : Scent for Summer

This review comes c/o Fragrances of Wine. All opinions are mine and unbiased.


Y’all know by now , I am all about something that makes you FEEL good ! When you feel good you put off and attract positive energies and this transfers to good things in your life. That is one of the reasons I love fashion, how you affects how you feel. You can wear confidence with a dress, a lipstick , and even a scent.

When you smell good, you feel good!– maybe thats not a saying. But it should be . When I received the pretty delicate bottle( that holds my now new favorite summer scent) I was pretty excited.  The British Vogue Beauty Report recently featured this perfume brand highlighting its sophisticated wine inspired  scents.

Blanc , Rose De Provence , Sparkle , & Noir comprise the collection of aptly named scents layered with scents found in wines. Inspired by the wineries of Provence France, I felt super chic and sophisticated wearing this in the office and out for my anniversary dinner with my love.

( Hey babe *waves*)

Finding a scent that says ‘you’ when you smell it… is a RARE thing. If your personality was scent what would it say ?

I think mine says — You belong in a winery in France. Haha .

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