For all We know

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For All We Know

Yesterday I heard for the first time a song, that not only was pleasing to my ears but touching to the depths of me. I found it slightly alarmed me how deep this song touched me. ‘For all we know’ by Donny Hathaway.  3 minutes and thirty seconds of a profession of love. The lyrics are so simple and yet the complexity of the feeling behind them seem almost incomprehensible to even those who have felt this love Mr. Hathaway so smoothly renders vocally. After listening to this song non stop for about 5 hours on repeat today I found myself breaking down the pieces of the song. Trying to understand why I found myself on the brink of tears while listening to it. Each piece had a meaning far deeper than the lines them selves portrayed.

” For all we know

We may never meet again

Before you go

Make this moment sweet again

We won’t say goodnight

Until the last minute

I’ll hold out my hand

And my heart will be in it

For all we know

This may only be a dream

We come and we go

Like the ripples of a stream

So love me

Love me tonight

Tomorrow was made for some

Tomorrow may never come

For all we know”

“For all we know” he says “we may never meet again”. That moment, this love that he speaks of , is so perfect and rare, that there is no way they can pass it up. That they could never see each other again, that this love, the moment of blessed perfection where two hearts crossed paths and matched up so perfectly at frayed and crooked edges that they could not walk away expecting for it to happen again.

” Before you go. make this moment sweet again” Before the moment passes and life may take us our separate ways lets make this moment beautiful. A memory worth smiling about. We may not know if we will have each other again, if we will meet again so now in this moment. .Let us love with every ounce of us, one another, together… Because for all we know, we may never meet again.

“We won’t say goodnight ,Until the last minute” If we have to say goodbye, and we know the end of our journey together must end, and we must part ways… let us not say good bye until we absolutely have to. Until the very last moment. As if every moment, minute, second, millisecond that I could experience of our love I did. Not a moment wasted, not a second spared. But every drop of us together, I got.

” Until the last minute” We could  never walked away before we had to because “For all we know” it could be the last time.

“I’ll hold out my hand,And my heart will be in it” Not only will I love you, enjoy you with all I have today because it may be our last but I will extend my heart to you. I will not wait for you to love me first and then give you my heart because u gave me yours. No! I will extend my heart in an open hand to you, trusting you to take it with loving arms because I cannot wait for tomorow to love you because “For all we know” this is all we have.

“For all we know ,This may only be a dream” This love may not even be real, it can be some whimsical fleeting dream… but if it is a dream I will keep my eyes shut and dream until I must wake. Live in what could possibly end today because a love like this cannot be waited on. I want to live in this love even if its not real because “For all we know” It could fly away, it can leave, this moment can vanish.

“So love me,Love me tonight,Tomorrow was made for some,Tomorrow may never come,For all we know”  Some people can wait to love tomorrow. Some people can invest tin the chance that tomorrows love will exist, that they will get the chance to love . So they wait. They put away some of their love because ‘later’ they can release it all. But because tomorrow may never come I cannot chance it, can not hope that tomorrow I can get the chance to say I love you, to give you all of my heart, to try to make us great today, because tomorrow may not come. It may not exist. ” For all we know” Today is all we have.

When I listened to the words of this song, it took my breath away. It is a feeling I have always felt about love. I have always wondered why people use adages such as ” If its meant to be , it will be ” But what if its meant to be.. but u wait for tomorrow to show your love… You may never get tomorrow.. We are all only promised the moment we will live in. So why not love with every ounce of passion we have?With no restraints or holds barred… Love with an intensity to rival all loves. Because the greatest gift we have been given is love… to wait until tomorrow is throwing it away.

I find it so funny when some people say you love too hard, or too strong… but if you feel it . Express it…live it… pursue it… Use today to fix what is broken..because you may not get a chance tomorrow. Maybe in a society where divorce is more popular than marriages its okay to walk away or hide some love for later… because we see it as okay for love to not be powerful… worth fighting for, worth putting your all into. So many people live in love as if we get a chance down the road to make things right… but we only get one moment… one blissful insane heavenly moment at a time… So why wait to experience it betting on a day that may never come.

“For all we know” This is all the time we have left to love.

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  2. I have to totally agree with this…reading it bring insight and a sense of hope while assuring that people of emotional logic remain. Its brings a certain knowledge that even though things change and sometimes we must let go; this doesn’t necessarily mean the moment has to be bitter! congrats to the author

  3. This blog is real, it makes me feel. And its hard for me to feel things that are about love, for the exact thing you talk about, the fear to ove too much. I know first hand tomorrow is not promised and i think about that when i do hold back my emotions from people. For all we know, great song, great words to live by…sweet and simple like love.

  4. this was good its very good creative and above it is something i have never read before and it is good keep up the good work

  5. Hmm.. I think you are absoulutely correct when you say ” The lyrics are so simple and yet the complexity of the feeling behind them ” somethings in life can be so much more when you dig deeper or just pay close attention to what its either tryna say or tell you but this song represents life and you let your emotions and your feelings flow through out this blog. I know you personally and i know that this is not just a blog this is life for you. You have lived this song so i give you two thumbs up for being real with the people of the internet.

  6. && you know what girl this is so true , the words to this song . It’s so real and when you break it down like you did it makes me think about it in ways I haven’t noticed ! For example when you said “… No! I will extend my heart in an open hand to you, trusting you to take it with loving arms because I cannot wait for tomorow to love you …” . This makes me think of the relationship I’m in now . It’s SO hard to give your heart to someone else because you don’t want it to be stomped on but these words make me realize you can’t keep waiting on the right time to wear your heart on your sleeve bc tommorrow cod be too late ! I love this girl ! Thankyou .. I know what I need to do next 🙂 – kee && thanks for the blog comment !

  7. I just want to say: This is beautiful. I was on the brink of tears reading it. The way you analyzed that song, makes me wanna cry, when i read the chorus i knew, i knew, i just knew everything he was saying. Everything he was expressing, and the profund conclusion you gave at the end was directly on point. Girl, you are indeed so right.

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