Flare Jeans

Call me a 70’s queen because these flares are out of sight ! strikes a disco pose

Gotta stay groovy baby. Ha– ok outside of my corny 70’s jokes I am pretty excited to have found some flare jeans that I love ! I picked these bad boys up during a black friday sale and had a chance to take them out for spin around town last week. 

Let me address my jean buying issues… Can anyone else relate?

  • I am 5’1 – so most jeans are too long at the bottom – especially bootcut and flare jeans (even when I wear boots)
  • I have a short torso – the waist lines are usually cut for taller people and jeans fall higher than desired often fitting to large at the top
  • I have a bit of booty but smaller hips – so jeans that fit my but don’t fit my waist line

Hey , we all have issues find the PERFECT pair of jeans , don’t get discouraged. It about finding what works best for you . Bodies don’t come one size fits all ( thank goodness right– how boring) . So I was pretty excited when I took a chance on these flares from Charlotte Russe that I ordered online. They have a great amount of stretch so they fit the tush and the waist perfectly! The flares were still a bit long but they were perfect with my pink velvet pumps ( also worn here). 

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