Feeling Confident 

I have a thing for confident women . I am naturally drawn to women that carry themselves with plays and know their strengths and talents. Women who look at themselves and say

“Damn girl , you got it . You are amazing “

and mean every word. I obsess over women like this…..why ?




The truth is, I struggle with my body confidence and there is nothing like a woman who is confident and knows her power.

It seems weird that someone who puts themselves out there in pictures and online would have issues with their own image but honestly I believe we all have moments of insecurity. Whether that applies to our physical selves , our emotional selves , or our talents and potential . Our world is competitive , and that leads us to the false belief that we must compete with others and measure up to the expectations of others . But the truth is we don’t.


You dont one need to compete with others. Just being yourself eliminates the need to compete.


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I personally have had a long history with my body confidence. Since high school my body has gone under many changes. I have weighed over 200 pounds , Lost 100 of it, gain 30 back in college, Seaside between Kirby, fit, and some kind of curvy fit combination. Dealing with changes from Gastrointestinal intestinal disease and dietary changes… my body has changed , ALOT .
I can say with full confidence that at all of these stages there were moments I felt unhappy with how I looked . My mind raced consistently with comparisons to society’s ever changing and often unrealistic standards of beauty .

Maybe I was too fat… my breasts are too big … maybe I was too skinny … dang now I have no hips … I should really tone up …. Man I wish I was thick … do I need surgery ? … my breasts are kind of small … wow I wish I had hair like that …

The list goes on . And the mind is a dangerous place when you start tumbling down the rabbit hole of self deprecating thought.

So how do I deal with insecurity today? I learned to love myself. I gave myself time to appreciate the traits about me I already loved and others I wasn’t feeling the most confidence about. I gassed myself up in the mirror. Danced naked until it felt natural. Took selfies and complimented my damn self and most of all I stopped comparing myself to others.

I learned to love myself through mindful and intentional moments with myself . I reprogrammed how I saw myself by taking off the glasses of comparison and seeing my true self . My body , in all its stages , is not only enough — but beautiful and worthy of not only the love of another but most importantly the love of myself .


This is a truth we should all seek to feel from the depths of our souls because the “dream body” doesn’t exist . There is no such thing as perfection and bodies , like people , evolve and change .

Mindfullness teaches us to be present and in tuned with the moment we are in – when we apply this to how we feel about ourselves it opens our mindset to the idea that nothing is permanent. My body may change one day . I may get thicker and have sexy hips one day after children … so I should enjoy my petite self right now because one day that may change . Maybe right now I don’t have all the muscles I want but that could change too ! Me as I am now … is amazing . Just like who I will be in the future .

Enjoy yourself as you are now . Love yourself as you are now . Self Love is the best fertilizer for growth and development .

Gratitude of yourself in the moment without judgment is a sure way to appreciate your level of happiness, confidence and self love. So much of the worlds negative thinking it’s birthed in the insecurities of a single individual. Overcome this with intentional self-love removal of our judgments and comparisons,and overall appreciation of self.


Do you struggle with self confidence? Where are you in your self love journey ? What do you appreciate the most about who and where you are in your life , right now ? Drop your comments below or send me a message on social .

Let’s become confident together . 

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