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A site intended to originally be a classmate finder for college students has turned into the biggest networking tool since the telephone. Gone are the days of  telephone calls….” I will FB chat you” (FB being the abbreviation for Facebook for those seasoned Facebookers)  No more group meetings…” Join a group on FB” these pages get you the information when you need it…

It has become the main tool for everything we hold dear, from becoming fans of celebrities ( real or otherwise), Quotes from middle school days, family guy, or political figures; FB has become our individual soapbox and everyday the Facebook generation logs on and enters up to 420 charectars and we spill our hearts on to the virtual pages of FB.

I found a most interesting comment from one of my FB friends in regards to the tragedy that has hit the nation of Haiti. This person ( and Im parapharsing) said that we as the nation of America should not have to spend money and efforts to go into Haiti and help the victims of this earthquake.

I must be honest. This really hit hard for me… First of all Im half Hatian… full blood…. so on one hand it hurt because that was my people that this person suggested we leave dying, starving,  and hurt. But on the other hand it gave me a bold revalation on the charectaristic of some people.

It boggles the mind that people who have every oppritunity afforded to them in a nation that gives people freedoms that people in other parts of the world will never even dream of can still be so self righetous and selfish as to deprive a nation and a people that have been struck by not only this natural disaster but also generations of a corrupt government that has striped the land of its resources, raped its people of their  rights, and ruined any chance of financial and economic recovery for this land. It seems unimaginable to me that America ,a nation that even in the midst of our financial crisis and political changes, we are still one the most powerful and influential countries in the world… We have a duty to help others less fortunate then us.

And no… this is not because of some extended ideology that America is the world s” City on A Hill” , a prime example of how the world should be. But instead because people are just that… people…. not americans, not haitians, not mexicans, or koreans… just people….

So when people face adversity in other parts of this world it is our duty as people who can help to do so.

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  1. I think that who ever said that needs to be shipped to haiti to see first hand how ignorant that comment was. However, I am amoung the people who do not think that we are economically stable to be dishing out billions to haiti because we are trillions of dollars in debt. I am all for Healing the world and more about helping those who are in need but we do need to get ourselves together before we try to help others to that extent.

    As far as the FB you are right now in an era where people always want to speak through text (ie FB, AIM, Myspace, Texting) than speak face to face or even through the phone. I personally hate talking on the phone I findit easier to have an akward silence with people on a phone as opppose to through technology. Thats just because most people aren’t like you a nd bore me in conversation. lol

  2. One thing I can say for America is that no matter what we are going through, we are still willing to lend out a helping hand without hesitation. The person who wrote that comment was so focused on the fact that other countries don’t help us in times of need, so why should we help them. I really thought that comment selfish and churlish. The Haitian nation is barely a nation at all, still in debt to the French for generations to come and for someone to have the audacity to complain about helping a country where people are worried how to make to the next day and the only worrying that person who made that comment is doing (if any worries) is about which shoes to wear tomorrow just really leaves me infuriated. All in all, I think that person needs flip their wrist to see the moral benefits of giving a helping hand rather than vacationing on the receiving end.

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