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Evian was nice enough to let me review and sample their 1.7 oz facial spray. You all know I love to try new things but….if I’m honest .

I was slightly skeptical . I mean , don’t get me wrong – I will pretty much give everything the old college try but sometimes you just wonder if you NEED a product or not. And as simple as it may seem , pH balanced pressurized water in a can is more of a must have than most would think .


So let’s get down to brass tax . What does this ACTUALLY do ? I used this product for three situations , all of which I felt it performed beyond what I expected .

because once again … water in a can, right ?i was very wrong .


Test #1 :

Natural Skin | No MakeUp
Applied 6 hours into a 12 hour day .

My issue during my work day is that my skin is oily, and since I tend to keep my face bare at work half way in my nose and my T zone looks like I was slapped with coconut oil. The Evian Facial spray actually was a great way to refresh both my look and my energy. The 1.7ml size is perfect for sliding in your purse both big and small to tsk everywhere you go. I sprayed my face once the mist and a very cool and even mist came over me . It was actually quite refreshing. What I was most surprised by was how long it lasted. I was good to go for the rest of my work day .

Benefits: Refreshing, Toning , Soft Mist , Soft Skin, Took away greasy look.


Test #2

Full Face MakeUp || Hot Day Of Photoshoots
4 hours of shooting photos outside in Atlanta

If you’re a blogger, or any human who loves selfies in the summer… you may have noticed that the heat and your BEAT are competing… and it’s not pretty . I can sweat a full face of makeup off in a hot second . And that’s enough to make you skip photo taking for the whole day .

Well, unfortunately ( and fortunately) skipping photos the other day was not an option for me because it was photo shoot day. Because I work full time , as a blogger I batch my photo shoots on days off so that I can continue to put out consistent content. Which means , a lot of photos in one day , and a lot of time outside – quick changing and getting sweaty .

A few sprays between outfit changes and my makeup looked revived and dewy to give me that , “ just applied” look.

Benefits : Refreshed MakeUp Look, Cooling Mist



Test #3

Makeup Application

Applied on fresh and clean skin.

I did a bit of research prior to trying this product and I saw a BUNCH of positive reviews saying how much people loved the product , but the one thing I found most interesting was that people were using this to set their makeup and it actually enhanced the look and even feel of the makeup .

Naturally , I had to give that a try. Because seriously. If a few spritzes of Evian Facial spray was going to take my makeup game to the next level, I needed part of that . I really did see a flowy look when I applied the spray to my brushes as I applied my makeup.

I really saw a difference with my highlighter. My skin looked more radiant.


Benefits : Smooth dewy looking skin, enhanced my highlighter




Needless to say, this is legit one of those products I won’t leave the house without anymore. It’s just what I have been looking for to keep my look together all day . Plus it’s the perfect size for a busy lifestyle .

Have you tried the Evian Facial Spray? How do you use it? On the go – or to start your day and slay your makeup . Share your tips in the comments!




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