EP 006: How to make your goal into a process

On today’s episode of The Becoming You Podcast , We discuss How To break Down Your Goals into Actionable Steps That Aid and Accelerate Growth, Healing, Learning.

The Becoming You Podcast is the millennial space for connecting and becoming your best self through personal development and success practices. In this space we empower and connect to our inner light, purpose, and the endless possibilities that we unlock through healing, growth, and self-love .Through self-mastery and practical methods we will connect to our inner power, get out of our own way, and develop the most important relationship there is, the relationship with yourself. 

Isnt it amazing when we connect to our inner confidence and give ourselves permission to dream big?

There is something supremely powerful about tapping into your power and believing there are amazing things in store for your future. As we create a stronger sense of self confidence, alignment, and commitment to creating our best selves we unlock so many dreams and goals that we never even imagined we were capable of in the past.

These goal, although big ,magical and amazing ;can in the same breath feel TOO BIG, TOO OVERWHELMING, and TOO MUCH to handle. When we are pushing ourselves to dream bigger there is a chance we mess around and believe in ourselves so much that we scare ourselves!

Our dreams should scare us a little, this is a reminder we are moving into new areas that may be uncomfortable but are healthy and helpful to our growth. However, fear can be paralyzing if we are not careful. The very thing that excites us can also intimidate us if we are not careful to create a plan and milestone goals that support that process, decrease overwhelm, and avoid procrastination. This is because the long term and short term goals we have set seem more manageable.

So How Do We Make Our Large Goals Feel More Manageable ?

Our big goals are really concepts or large ideas about the direction we want to go in our lives. Promotions, large purchases, starting a business or a family – BIG CONCEPTS ! The steps and milestones that we must accomplish on the way are actually great spaces to create short term goals that support your long term or over all goals. When creating a system for ourselves that we plan to carry out to achieve our goals, it is helpful to break down steps and create momentum around those smaller areas of success. This helps us create motivation and confidence in ourselves on a daily basis rather than becoming overwhelmed and intimidated by trying to process how you will achieve this big goal all at once.

Here is an example:

Goal: Complete a 5k – 3.106 miles

What Do I Need to do to accomplish his goal? – TRAIN

Deadline : 3 months

Plan: Train 3-4 times a week to develop stamina

Milestone Goals :

Month 1 – Complete 1.5 mile on the treadmill 3x a week + choose a race that is close to your deadline of 3 months and register

Month 2- Complete 2.5 miles on the treadmill 4x a week

Month 3- Complete 4 miles on the treadmill 4x a week

Running 1.5 miles feels much more manageable than running over 3 miles when you are first starting out. So, learn to take your larger goals and create smaller more manageable goals that you can build on over time.

How to Make Your Goal into a Process

12 Things to Consider to Create Clarity.

1- State your overall goal

2- What will you need to do to accomplish this goal? Are there skills you need to develop or train yourself to do? Are there habits you need to form to support goal achievement? What are these things?

3- Is there a timeline? Or deadline?

4- What steps would you need to take to complete the task/goal?

5- Assign a deadline to completing each of these tasks.

6- What do you need to support and accomplish these smaller goals?

7- Do you have a process, system, or tool in place that will help you stay committed and consistent within the process to keep you on track?

8- What tools or skills can you put in place to get you to your first goal?

9-How can you insert this processes into your daily or weekly schedule so that you can create a well formed habit or learn a new skill that supports the person you are becoming?

10- Do your milestone goals add up to the success you are looking for in your overall goal?

11- Have you created a system of accountability?

12- How will you reward your milestone successes?

What’s Next?

Are you ready to create a CLEAR AND ACTIONABLE plan and process that supports the goals you have put in place? Click here to order your copy of The Audits for increased clarity & goal setting in the new year.

This collection of 8 workbooks guides you through the step by step process of reviewing and auditing your behaviors and habits from the previous year to bring clarity to your strengths and areas of opportunities for your future goals. Auditing and reviewing our behaviors of the past in comparison to the goals we have set can help to create greater alignment between our future behaviors and current goals.  When we do not reflect on what did or did not work well for us , we lose the opportunity to tweak our behaviors or make different choices that will have a more positive and intentional impact on our goals. Check out the Audit Collection or choose the topics that resonate most with your goals.

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