Ep.001 – Why Setting A Goal Wont Make You Successful

3 Things You Need to Accomplish Your Goals

On today’s episode of The Becoming You Podcast we Discuss the 3 Things You Need to Set and Accomplish Your Goals.

The Becoming You Podcast is the millennial space for connecting and becoming your best self through personal development and success practices. In this space we empower and connect to our inner light, purpose, and the endless possibilities that we unlock through healing, growth, and self-love .Through self-mastery and practical methods we will connect to our inner power, get out of our own way, and develop the most important relationship there is, the relationship with yourself. 

It’s that time of the year where goals and planning are at the forefront of everyone’s mind which means there is a lot of thought given about where people want to go and what they hope to accomplish in the future myself included.

And whether you created a full flushed out vision board, written plan, or just a few ideas in your head about what you want this year and your life to look like – the truth is setting a goal, however specific and aligned, can be easily deterred and abandoned without the proper infrastructure to support the process go from goal setting to goal achievement.

So what does that mean?

Simply setting a goal for the year is not enough to ensure success. If you want to avoid the feeling of an abandoned or unaccomplished goal at the end of your year, you need 3 things to BOOST your goal setting and increase your chances of execution and success. In this episode of Becoming You , we will discuss these 3 important tools that will help you push past bad habits , get out of your own way , and accomplish your goals.

1 – Set A Clear Goal

Goal: Something that you are trying to do or achieve || the object of a person’s ambition or effort || an aim or desired result

Having a clear understanding of where you are going is one of the clearest ways to creating a sound foundation for your planning. The goals we set are usually a response to something we are unhappy or unfulfilled in. When we look to level up in a space and expand it is often an internal message that we are beginning to outgrow our current space – this is where our discomfort comes in. The discomfort or longing for more is a clear signal and indication where there is space to create a goal that fills this gap. In this space we can learn to find deep motivation or “why” that will help us stay consistent when we are presented with the opportunity to give up on our goals.


What is your goal? What is it you want to achieve? Is this goal specific? Is it measurable?

Why does achieving this goal matter to you, what impact on your life would success and failure have? Who is it that you are becoming and how does this goal support that journey?

2 – Make A Plan

Plan: an intention about what one is going to do || a detailed map or diagram

Creating a plan that supports your goal is much like using a GPS.  You must first put in your desired location ( your set goal) and the GPS will provide you with step by step directions that , if followed, will get you to your desired result/location. Your plan is a road map and guide for goal achievement, this is why it is important to have clear steps that reinforce actions and habits that support success. Utilizing tools such as reflection and auditing can help to create a plan that works based on where we truly are.


Do the steps of your plan lead you to your desired result? Is your plan viable and able to be implemented into your life? Is your plan specific and the results measurable? Ask yourself if your plan is truly granular enough to create space for new habits. All goal achievement requires the development of new habits that support who we are becoming instead of who we have been.

3 – Set Your Process

Process:  a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end

What are the steps that set you up for success?

Your process helps to decrease the gap between who you are and who you are becoming by creating systems that aid habit formation and change. When we leave our process up to chance and how we “feel” at the moment – we increase the likelihood of getting off track.


What are the specific tools and systems you have put in place to decrease your ability to become inconsistent, unaligned, or give in to excuses and self sabotage? Have you done an audit of your past behaviors to create a custom process for success? If you have set your goal and created a plan, what steps have you taken to insure your plan is executed?

What’s Next?

Are you ready to create a plan and process that supports the goals you have put in place? Click here to order your copy of The Audits for increased clarity & goal setting in the new year.

This collection of 8 workbooks guides you through the step by step process of reviewing and auditing your behaviors and habits from the previous year to bring clarity to your strengths and areas of opportunities for your future goals. Auditing and reviewing our behaviors of the past in comparison to the goals we have set can help to create greater alignment between our future behaviors and current goals.  When we do not reflect on what did or did not work well for us , we lose the opportunity to tweak our behaviors or make different choices that will have a more positive and intentional impact on our goals. Check out the Audit Collection or choose the topics that resonate most with your goals.


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