Daisy Vox Box

It’s that time again … Voxbox time folks! Influenster recently sent me the Daisy Voxbox complimentary for testing and review purposes.As always, all opinions are my own. I am actually super excited about the contents in this box because it’s stocked full with some amazing brands that I am already a bit of a fan girl for and a few I have wanted to try for a while. I loved my first box which definitely opened my eyes to some new skincare products with the Ole Henriksen Balance Set.


This box is packed with goodies from multiple brands and I am pretty excited to try them all out . So what’s in the Daisy VoxBox?


SkinnyPop PopCorn

Taking the guilt out of snacking, SkinnyPop sent over the Sea Salt flavor of their gluten and GMO free popcorn. This and all of the products they offer are made with all natural ingredients and flavors! I am excited to pop open a bag and have a popcorn and movie sesh with Mario who has been out of town for a week . Growing up I used to LOVE super buttery salty popcorn but as I have matured ( and my palette has as well) I find myself leaning towards more natural products and treats for my snacking obsession.  I cant wait to try this sea salt flavor. I will be sure to share my thoughts on my Instagram this week. Floow here if you aren’t already !


Live Clean Shampoo and Conditioner Set – Coconut Milk

I am already outrageously excited to test this shampoo and conditioner set.  Firstly … anything with coconut in it , has my interest. From cakes to conditioner I have an obsession with this “can do it all” drupe.  I recently have been trying new shampoos and conditioners . My hair needs moisture in the summer, but my search has mainly consisted of products specifically created for ethnic hair . I have been super afraid of stripping the much needed moisture from my hair ..

So needless to say, I was hesitant. Currently, I have only tried it once but I was soooooo surprised how soft and moisturized my hair felt after one application on a day I wore my hair in a bun. I will do a full review on this soon to compare how my hair feels after a full week of use . This set ( at least for my first use) definitely lived up to its moisturizing promises. There are other collections that focus on specific issues or goals for your body and hair .


Keeping with the au natural theme , all Live Clean products are certified organic and use renewable and sustainable plant based ingredients in their  products. I am getting pretty serious about not putting too many chemicals in my hair, so this is exciting and I look forward to sharing more.


Dannon Light  & Fit Yogurt

A classic in any yogurt lovers house…. Dannon! The light and fit yogurt is delicious and formulated to both feed your body healthy probiotics that you need but is also a light and easy snack for the girl on the go who needs a healthy but delicious boost throughout the day . In an attempt to improve my relationship with breakfast, I have upped my yogurt intake because its fast and light in the morning. Foods that are too heavy ( if I eat breakfast) tend to make me feel sleepy and heavy . 

I have always been partial to strawberry yogurt,  it maybe its time to try a new flavor. New flavor?…. but same deliciousness right ?

YesTo Detoxifying  Charcoal Paper Mask

Sometimes , after a long day you need a little TLC , a little time. Facial masks are my jam. I absolutely love products that give your glow and skin a major boost. I have recently heard a lot of positive things about the health benefits of charcoal in beauty and wellness products. My curiosity has already been pumped up from articles about activated charcoal whitening your teeth and helping with stomach issues. So when Influenster and YesTo sent a charcoal mask it was as if they had plucked the idea out of my own head .

I am looking forward to giving this product a go and seeing the difference in how my skin feels and looks. Be sure to look out for an Instasnap and Snapchat feed of that next week !

 This detoxifying paper mask is meant for oily and combination skin ( that’s me all the way) and is created to specifically clean and detox your pores. Clean glowing skin for summer anyone ?


Always Pads

I am not huge wearer of pads, I generally use Always tampons . But it is always good to have materials in your purse or car in case of an emergency since most places do not provide menstruating materials complimentary.

These aren’t your granny’s pads, these are thinner but holds more of the stuff you don’t want leaking. Which is , you know, all of it . 



Natures Bounty Probiotic Gummies

I may be the most excited about this product . I have a bit of experience with probiotics . I battle with my own set of stomach issues .So you can imagine how excited I was when these delicious looking gummies were sent to me from Natures Bounty to test. Gut health is a top priority in my life and finding products that will boost my gastrointestinal health is always an adventure.

 Natural and specifically designed for a healthier gut , the probiotic gummies will be taking the FULL BOTTLE challenge . I will try it u till it runs out that then see how I feel after . I am always looking for healthy alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs for improved health … plus it doesn’t hurt that they are pretty delicious. 


The Daisy VoxBox is a girls go to beauty box for spring , and im here for it! From gut health to providing delicious on the go energy throughout your day …. Influenster had me covered. My favorite thing about these products are that not only are they all natural and affordable but easily accessible at stores near you or online. CVS Walmart  and Target carry most of these amazing products . Have you tried any of these products before ? Do any seem like the product you have been looking for ?


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