#CRitson – Becoming a CR It Girl

When I was younger ,once a year around August my grandma used to take me school shopping for my wardrobe for the fall/ winter. I remember always telling her what my theme of the year was , what kind of look I was “ going for “. I used to use weird descriptions like sassy lawyer meets NY chic or casual model o the go .LOL  Yup , apparently that WAS a fashion style.

Even in 2016 I name my looks. Which I honestly did not realize UNTIL… I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with the lovely ladies at the Charlotte Russe at Perimeter Mall.

Just a quick catch up, a few weeks ago I shared some really exciting news on my social media. Charlotte Russe ( which by now if you have been following along , know is MY JAM) had a pretty awesome opportunity to become apart of select group of official ambassadors for the brand. As pretty big fan of CR it was clear , it was something I had to take my shot for. And who would have thought… they chose me!

I am so excited to be apart of the group of 50 ladies around the country to share all the latest and greatest from CR.

Before I go on about this look… because I am obsessed with it ALL… The lesson in this post is – SHOOT YOUR SHOT. If you are chasing your dreams , there will be times when life will present you with opportunities . They may be things you feel are out of your reach or that you are not good enough for them — but you MUST TRY !

Never fear failure, fear not doing. Go after your new and exciting opportunity without the expectation of winning but put everything you can into it, because you never know .

So back to the outfit at hand. I call this look NYC barbie. The dusty pale rose and maroon combo is EVERYTHING . I feel like a pretty rose. Mixing textures like the leather crop top and this oh-so-girly tulle midi are a great way to elevate your look. The combination of hard and soft gives your look personality layers. Just like your personality is made up of different characteristics to make up your one being, your look can be made up of different textures and colors and still be cohesive .

Shopping the Mix and Mingle collection was giving me so much inspiration for the upcoming occasions I have coming up . A lot of times the get together a with group friends is low key – events that don’t require you to be super dressed up – pieces like a leather crop and shiny bomber jacket are interesting ways to spice up a sweeter and dressier piece like a midi skirt .

Check out all of Ready 2 Shop collections on Charlotte Russe.com ! They are having a major — and I mean major sale. Everything is $25 or less in stores !
So run — yes run because the collections are everything– to CR.com !

Plus , you can snag your New Years Outfit early .

All pieces are provided ℅ Charlotte Russe.Shop the looks below .

This post is sponsored by Charlotte Russe, that you for supporting the brands that support Marjanialadin.com

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