Connect To Self : A Guide to Responding in Difficult Situations


How we respond to difficult situations says a lot about who we are and where we are in our personal development . Recently its has been a topic I have been diving into on here because more often than not, how we respond has a greater impact on the outcome of a situation than whatever the original issue was.


The solution to this is mindfulness. If you have not already, catch up on the two articles prior to this . ( linked below)  These articles explain what mindfulness is and the first step to wielding the tool and are great introductory steps to implement prior to coming to a decision on how to respond best to your situation.


Part  1 : How To Respond Better To Difficult Situations

Part   2: Press Pause – A Guide To Creating Mental Space in Emotional Situations


Okay so now that  you’re calm, you have paused. But that doesn’t mean the right thing to do will suddenly pop in your head. Emotions can make you think crazy things are rational if you let them. You have to check yourself and connect to your inner character to consult for the right thing to do.  

Mindfulness requires an ability to separate the judgments and emotions we feel within a moment from the moment itself. Almost like stepping outside of yourself to look down on the scene. Asking yourself questions often helps compose a stressful mind.

  • Is this worth it ?
  • What will REALLY be the consequences of this reaction?
  • Does this reaction align with who I say I am and want to be ?
  • Can I be the bigger person?
  • Am I speaking out of ego, pride, anger, jealousy etc ?
  • What is my ultimate goal here? Does my response aid that overall solution ?


Often , we know ourselves and once your logical brain is called into action you can remind yourself WHO you are BECOMING and respond in a mindful way that reflects that person.  Remember that emotions can sometimes cloud our judgement and can allow us to justify actions we normally we be ashamed  of.  So connect to self, check your character, and remember the bigger picture when deciding the best response to your emotional or triggering situation.  


Do you ever find it hard to get past your emotions when triggered ? How do you reconnect to who you are and listen to your inner compassionate and pragmatic voice? Share what works for you in the comments.


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